Tuesday, March 10, 2015

51 weeks!

Michael and I just finished cleaning up after a little sick baby...hopefully she just ate too much too quickly at the end of a long day and that we're not staring down the barrel of a whole-family-stomach-extraveganza...and in some happy news! Hanna Lu...
  • Had a well-baby check today and is doing quite well on all accounts...no longer anemic {she was borderline at nine months anyway}, above average in height {?!} and weight, and a great baby...woo hoo! She'll start drinking cow's milk this week and can also have her first taste of peanut butter and eggs...such little luxuries we post-first-birthday folks take for granted!
  • Is very talkative with her words as well as gibbereish..."zeeee zeeee zeeee zeeee zeeee" for any dog {it's the name of my grandmother's dog whom she met last December and she just recently dug it out and uses it for all dogs", "ayne" for "train" whenever she sees or hears it, "dada", "mom", "hi", "bah" {for "bye"}, and a few others I'm sure. She also has a couple of non-verbal sound cues, there's one for "look at this" and another for "I'd like to nurse". And in terms of communication, the child points.
  • Cut another tooth and seems to have a few threatening to do so up top.
  • Will do five to six steps unassisted and still seems to prefer crawling when she wants to get somewhere quickly.
  • Loves perching in her chair and peeking out the window at the trains.
  • Gets a kick out of Guinness the dog and her father...I love seeing her so happy to see them.
  • Had a handful of new foods this past week though I can't recall what exactly.
  • Has one more weekly update and a first birthday coming up next week!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

50 weeks!

Oh goodness this kid has been such a ham this week! Hanna Lucy...
  • makes a scrunched-up-face smile all the time; cheese!!!
  • tried string cheese for the first time - loves it.
  • has been putting down blueberries since yesterday; I smash them a bit so they're not little throat-lodgers.
  • is taking independent steps everywhere.
  • gives us a constant stream of babbles...and sometimes they're whispers under her breath, especially if she's working hard to do something like pull her self up or get at something. I realized today this seems like a small detail but it's super cute to me and not one I want to forget.
  • loves hearing and seeing the train from our apartment or in the car. "ayne" or "nayne" means "train".
  • searched and called for her "daa" yesterday when we stayed home due to ice and he went to work.
  • has been getting SO excited and squirrly about seeing said father when he gets home and it's adorable.
  • makes a really funny "zeee zeee seee seee gee gee" sound, especially when we get her up from a nap and she seems frantic. Why this sound at this emotion is beyond me since "zee zee" is my grandmother's dog's name.
  • "swims" in her bath; she loves this so much and also dips down to get a drink of water ever minute or so. Gross.
  • is very interested in playing in our kitchen cabinets. I have two set aside for her that have some special "Hanna" kitchen "toys" and thankfully those keep her occupied for quite a while but when she starts to get interested in Guinness' food area or trying to open the garbage can it's time to move out of the kitchen. But then...
  • she throws a mini-tantrum/fit --> is this a portent of times to come? Isn't it too early for this? Just this week if I tell her I'm picking her up and it's time to put things away, then motion down to get her, Hanna will quickly turn her back to me and hide what she's holding or she'll scurry away. The tears after doing what she doesn't want me to do don't last for long but ugh, I thought we had more time.
  • is saying "hi" to many people, especially passerby in public places {some even say "hi" back} but never on command.
  • waves "bye bye".
  • either loves a sippy cup {water or milk} or hates it {she tosses it to the side with a disgusted sound}. 
  • caused some trouble in our playroom upstairs because she had a toy another child wanted. This happened a few times yesterday and it wasn't a "let him/her share" sort of situation but rather the other kids were feeling possessive. But it got me wondering/thinking that we have to broach this topic at some point and I seem to recall hearing/reading about two approaches? Let the other kid take the toy or explain to that kid that my kid is currently enjoying it so he/she can wait? Blergh; we still have time.
Another one for good measure!
Let's hope that this week's upcoming predicted snow is not that bad and that Spring can be sprung and Miss Lu can celebrate her first birthday with a nice day out!!!xoxo, natty ♥