Thursday, May 31, 2012


xoxo, natty ♥

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

California on my mind.

After waxing poetic on what I might miss about California after we move I mulled over a few other things today. In no particular order :
  • The San Francisco Zoo; as a youngster I spent many very happy hours in its walls with my dad. He took me to tons of museums and parks when it was just us two and these memories are priceless to me. I haven't been in a few years and I think he and I will make a trek before Mike's and my BIG trek.
  • Vineyards; it's not like I got out to do much wine tasting in the years since I came of age {seven, in case you're trying to do the math} but I like knowing that I can. Isn't that always the case with what we take for granted?
  • San Francisco; this city is kind of on my list. It's beautiful and cosmopolitan for sure. I like to run along the bay because the people watching is supreme. But. It's also frigid most of the year and I never feel cool {no pun intended} enough to be there. Now I've said it and I don't mean to offend anyone and we don't ever need to mention it again.
  • Palm trees; these dudes aren't native to California, actually, but they're everywhere and a palm tree in the skyline means you're in the Golden State.
  • Death Valley; I've not emoted about my favorite national park but that's just because I haven't gone there in the lifetime of this blog. I love this place. As you know, I adore the desert, and Death Valley holds much barren charm. And history which I love {especially when it's pioneeral}. I doubt we'll make it there before we leave so I'll have to plan a future trip.
I'll keep you updated as my list grows. How's your Tuesday? Mine was fairly uneventful but I've been feeling tired nonetheless. That can only mean one thing; early bedtime!!
¡Hasta mañana!
 xoxo, natty ♥

Monday, May 28, 2012


A hearty thank you to our veterans. Then, now, and in years to come.
Today was a lovely and low-key day. We checked out a U-Haul option for our move and visited with family. The male inhabitants of our apartment made naps a priority and I even got in a bit of running and some laundry. It sounds mundane but, y'all, these days recharge me.
In other news, let us think about the week ahead.
Who wears mouse ears?!?!
1} Since classes are over {shed a tear; I totally love my classes} I have time to grade this week. And there is a loooooot that needs to be done.
2} Maybe I'll get in some more miles this week? I'm being very cautious about my running but, at the same time, loving every minute pounding {not-too-strenuously!} the pavement.
3} Perhaps Guinness will get some longer walks? The poor thing certainly would enjoy it after a busy school year of lightening fast constitutionals.
4} We're getting more and more planning {& visualizing} done towards getting to D.C. in July; this is scary but really exciting folks!
5} A retrospective; I got to go to Disneyland last week which kind of kicked off my Leaving California Extravaganza. There are a handful of things I have on my informal list. It's not as though I'm leaving forever but, well, I am leaving and there are tons of things I love about this great state and our Bay Area. A taste of my interests :
  • Disneyland; check!
  • In-N-Out Burger; I don't often go here. I can't really remember the last time, actually, {possibly last summer as a second dinner} but I live comfortably knowing I can snag an easy dinner if I want to. Not for much longer.
  • Tacos; I'm talking about little tortillas, {GOOD and grilled} meat, some chopped white onion, cilantro and lime. Times that by ten and I'm a happy girl. I'm not sure what the Mexican food situation will be in our new home but it's a ways further from our south of the border neighbor than California is and I'm fearing a lack of taquerías.
  • Beaches; I try to get in at least one random day. It's only half an hour away and I don't take advantage of our location nearly as much as I could.
  • Lake Tahoe; I skipped last summer's trip in lieu of preparing for our wedding and it was a good choice but I'm afraid I won't get a chance to this year since we're leaving somewhat soon.
  • California; I've heard that things are different on the east coast. And I think that we're pretty laid back {soccer shorts and jeans are totally appropriate for dinner out} and that said way of living isn't the norm where we're going. We'll find out!
How did you celebrate the holiday weekend? Do you have family or friends who have served our military? Please thank them! And happy week to you!
xoxo, natty ♥

Connection issues.

I'm experiencing trouble connecting my little camera phone to my little computer and it's frustrating. I'd like to be able to upload my most recent pictures and prattle a bit about going to Disneyland for 14 hours straight but I suppose it can be summed up for you: I slept a lot yesterday after I got back.
But, before I could rest, we went to support my cousin. His graduation was a blur for me but we cheered loudly for him.
Today we went to a graduation party for one of my hubby's students and then lolled about planning how to move the 2,800-to-2,900-miles-depending-on-our-route across the country; that's a big move y'all! And an expensive one we're coming to learn. We'll surely figure it out, though.
Are you enjoying your Memorial Day weekend? Think a good thought for a veteran and/or service person tomorrow.
xoxo, natty ♥

Saturday, May 26, 2012


Happy Graduation to my dear cousin John!!!
He's on the right, putting up with Mike's antics.
May upstate New York never be the some upon your arrival in late August.
He's the one in red pants.
We are SO proud of you and love you!
xoxo, natty ♥

Friday, May 25, 2012

The Magic Kingdom.

I'm in Anaheim.
We drove down on a bus yesterday.
We ate dinner at the Medieval Times last night.
Can you guess what I'm doing? That's right. I'm chaperoning.
Wish me luck!
xoxo, natty ♥

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Mr. President was in our fair town yesterday!
We've made it to the big time, San Jose,
xoxo, natty ♥

Most Excellent & Sad at the same time.

 xoxo, natty ♥

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sad Mac.

There's an old Sarah Jessica Parker TV show {I'm guessing you can guess correctly as to which one} episode in which her Apple computer suffers a break/melt down {"My Motherboard, My Self" in case you're curious}. Without further indemnifying myself with SATC quotes {at least I'm somewhat owning my fandom} the one thing from that particular episode I'm referencing here is a quote from her boyfriend that in and of itself refers to the pathetic little face older Mac computers used to make when they went kaput. Get it? A sad mac!
Today, I was a sad mac. Or a sad Nat. Whatever I am, it was a bummer of a day for me since I had to say adiós to two of my classes as well as my wonderful homeroom. I'll see the kiddos around school for sure between now and graduation but it's still a bummer-rama; I have great students and a great school and I'm not coming back to them.
But. We have new adventures ahead of us, that keeps me going. That and Indian food. And stomping renditions of the Alma Mater.
Good night folks =)
xoxo, natty ♥
Many thanks to the reader who let me know that the flower I posted last week {check it out HERE} is a Blue Passion Flower {Passiflora Caerulea, to be precise}; 
it sounds so exotic for little 'ole San Jose!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


May is progressing quite rapidly, wouldn't you agree? The days are lengthening and as any teacher this time of year I'm spending a great deal of those sunny hours indoors wrapping up a fruitful {I hope!} year. A quintuplet of lovely thoughts for today. This short video, by the way is what our dachshund does after he gets a bath. Ignore my freaky alien voice in the background. And it makes my heart sing along with some happy thoughts for the day and week ahead.

1} I made it to Yoga; Hallelujah! I veered off course and tried an actual yoga studio that opened up near where we live instead of my tried and apparently not-so-true YMCA and folks, I am a changed woman. 

I used to love the cute red head who led Monday night yoga classes at my YMCA but she recently left and I haven't much felt the woman who took her place. Like, not at all. 

After this evening's class, though, I think that everything else I had done was just simple and prolonged stretching. This girl had us going good and fast but also included lots of time in specific poses which I love. 

It may be that tonight's class was a specific type of yoga that is more active and that her other classes are more similar to what I'm used to but, really, I think that Lisa at the Y was just appealing to the, ahem, older crowd in her classes. Which was great and I LOVED it because I zoned out and relaxed. But, honestly, this felt more up to my speed. I'm no yogi {bear; HA!} but I do like to do more than Sit and Be Fit and this class was exactly that. 

Mind you {and me}, I'll be sore tomorrow, there were a lot of outstretched arms and lunging after all. But this is good, This is what my bod {yeah, I just said that} has been craving. Too bad we're leaving soon. Do y'all suppose I can find something similar in the District of Colombia? 

By the way, it's actually a climbing gym but they offer exercise machines, spinning, and yoga classes. I would have ridden my bike {I walked} but Mike's wheels got stolen a while back {another night, another post} and they had our lock wrapped around them {not secured to anything, obviously}.

2} I also ran a bit today. I'm being very quiet about this so I shall say No More.

3} No more early Mondays as a teacher...for now. This is actually pretty Sad to me because I like my job so I won't go on. Actually, this doesn't even belong here.

3 second try} We crock-potted tonight; is anything more glorious?

4} Indian Food, that's more glorious. And it's on tomorrow's agenda!

5} I teach great kiddos. This is a Fabulous thing to be able to say and I am so blessed.

What's good in your neck of the woods today and this week Reader? Do you have any exciting Memorial Day plans? Did you catch the lunar activity last night? Are you following the NBA playoffs? Does it strike you odd that no other country in the world has at least three major sports {I'm thinking baseball, basketball and football [grid iron style, not the real football]} that are massively popular {I'm not even counting hockey, apologies there}? I certainly do.
Happy Late Monday to you!

xoxo, natty ♥

Monday, May 21, 2012


Ooooooph. I apologize, Dear Reader, for yesterday's lack of anything substantial. The day just totally got away from me but I did still want to get in a little something. Anyway.
I cleaned all day yesterday. This little apartment of ours hadn't fully been cleared out this way in quite a while which wouldn't have been an issue but I had some lovely friends over before we headed to our reunion celebration and I didn't want to subject them to dog hair and dust.
Y'all, it feels so dang GOOD to have a clean space. Clutter happens fast in our home and can be hard to keep up with. Maybe for our last six weeks we can make it happen; is it a deal Mike? Deal!
On the topic of places to lay my head I've always been a huge fan of old homes and I still am. Growing up in a Victorian house as well as a home from the 1920s helped me to appreciate the little details; built in features {bookshelves, cabinets, phone nooks, etc.} and hardwood floors truly make my heart sing. As do old window cranks, pocket doors, and thick wavy glass windows. 
I've lived in several newer apartment complexes, though, and those aren't too shabby either. Our current place is super great for a variety of reasons {one of which is our very own washer/dryer} and I really dig living here.
Thinking about our upcoming move, though, has me pondering the new living situation that we'll encounter. My guess, knowing what I do about the D.C. area, is that we'll be in an older building and, surprise surprise, I'm really looking forward it. 
I'm also thrilled about having a fabulous public transportation system {my apologies VTA, you do have some very nice qualities but D.C. metro totally owns you} and SO much history going on around us. I'm assuming we'll either have common laundry facilities in our building or need to utilize a laundromat {or wash/dry service when feeling lazy} which will be a new but also exciting experience. 
I'm the product of a primarily suburban existence; D.C. isn't New York City but it sure does have more tall buildings than San Jose, CA., and this is also something that, despite loving my school and students and family, kind of has me swooning. I just wish I could make the commute to my current job. Five hours each way wouldn't be too bad?
There's not much of a point to this evening's post rather I'm just ruminating a large life change. That's all!
And I did have a great time last night - it was lovely to see old classmates and hear of the great work they're all doing. I popped into Prom to pay my respects which was the perfect end to my evening.
Oh; are you able to see the eclipse tonight? I'm going to rush out and see if I can before I head to bed.
Have a great start to your work week!
Oh. Man. One more thing. Tomorrow is my last Monday. That's really blowing my mind.
xoxo, natty ♥

Sunday, May 20, 2012


Lovely day & night!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

What is this?

I've been seeing these flowers all spring, in years before as well, but I've never known what they are. I love how complicated the bloom appears; so many stripes and colors...these must be pretty important flora.
I'm wont to call them Morning Glories but I certainly know better. Is there any horticultural knowledge for me lurking out there? Help!
In other and very random news I'm thrilled to have a little weekend on my horizon. I also have my 10th high school reunion! It's supposed to be sunny out! Some good friends are coming over before our reunion! It's almost June which means that it's almost time for the Greek Festival!
What are you loving on this Friday? Any exciting weekend plans?
xoxo, natty ♥

Friday, May 18, 2012

Diaper Cake.

In various social/cultural circles Baby Showers are thrown when one is expecting a new little one. Tomorrow, at work, we're giving one of those shindigs and celebrating an impending bundle of joy. His mama is one of my best work friends and one of the sweetest and kindest individuals I've ever had the pleasure and blessing of knowing; I'm SO happy and excited for her growing family.
I wanted to make her a diaper cake much like I did earlier this spring for another coworker. Tonight was my second attempt and I must admit that I got better. Much better. 
Gearing up.
I didn't use a cardboard base this time rather just three lids to Pyrex bowls I have. 
The goods.
Each is a bit smaller than the other which created three "perfect" "cake" tiers.
I also used rubber bands. 
One is able to make a diaper cake by rolling up each diaper and then using these little tubes to create the cake. The way I worked tonight is much easier I think. I used two packs of diapers {newborns and size 1} and just fanned out a deck of them to create each layer which I then wrapped up with one big rubber band. I didn't use a paper towel tube to stick in the center rather I just rolled up a few diapers to create a solid base around which to wrap everything.
I used the Pyrex lids as guides for figuring out the appropriate size to make each tier.
This is actually pretty easy-peasy as far as crafts go and the yield is super cute. 
I wrapped grosgrain ribbons of varying sizes and colors around to hide the rubber bands and tied the three layers together with some gauzy ribbon I had. I stuffed in some newborn socks, hand mittens and washcloths to add color {and utility!} and also wrapped in a hardcover picture book and a tube of Boudreaux's Butt Paste.
Check out the finished product!!!

The very last picture on the right is blurry to showcase the vibrating ability of Mr. Carseat-Attachment-Frog. Their baby is going to LOVE this gift.
Baby gifts {especially clothing} can be super cute and fun to buy and give but I love the idea of something that can be quite practical as well as fun. Plus I know that my friend already has a TON of onesies and newborn clothes so I'm hoping she appreciates this. Though not yet a mother myself I can't say if it's annoying to have to unravel a cake full of diapers but I do enjoy making this gift. I got the idea from another coworker last spring at another baby shower.
Do you have any go-to new baby gifts? If there's another sibling I also try to stick in something for Big Brother or Big Sister to make them feel special since being a role model is hard work!
Happy weekend!
xoxo, natty ♥

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Do they come in Diet?

xoxo, natty ♥

Cleaning out the pantry.

Today {and yesterday} was a day where I ran errands after work and was on my feet until 7-ish. When I got home both days I was TUCKERED out and I was HANGRY {a delightful combination I assure you}. Take-out would have been a glorious solution but, alas, it's good to not spend money, we ate out several times last week and {this is a big "and"} we've got a lovely pantry that needs to/should be depleted for Moving Time {I anticipate many interesting concoctions in the next six weeks}. 
To haul ourselves to Washington, D.C. we're planning on selling as much stuff as we can {garage sale and Craigstlist}, sending a pallet of non-breakables up to 500 pounds on Amtrak and shoving as much as possible into our car with a roof-top storage thingy. Because of all this, the less we have when we move the better and that means that we need to do some serious eating of the reserves.
These certainly aren't in the pantry but I AM loving our local produce.
Last night's feast included quinoa that had been languishing for a while and tonight we polished off an old can of Ro Tel {do you love this stuff like I do? It adds tons of flavor to most anything.} with black beans and had meatless {gasp!} burrito/wraps. I did cook the beans in chicken broth so I confess it wasn't truly a vegetarian meal. Trader Joe's has these little tubes of chicken stock concentrate that I toss into anything I can because it packs some major oooomph {yumminess}.
Moving on from all things culinary, how DO people move across a country? It's done all the dang time, of that I'm sure, but how we are going to do it is what I'd like to know. Way back when, Mikey {who's from Arizona} and I were coeds in Minnesota which was quite a hike but this is actual moving. We're not living in dorms. Nor are we 18 years old. There are no childhood bedrooms waiting for us back home.
As {literally & figuratively} REAL as this is for us, though, I am ready. I'm sad, very sad obviously, to leave our lives. I have a job I love. I have family here. I have a city I know as well as a dear old friend. We have roots. But, as everyone tells me upon hearing our news, it's time. We're young {relatively} and thus yet childless; the world is our oyster. The possibilities are endless. Et cetera. Really and truly, though, I do wholeheartedly believe that this is an amazing new horizon and I have to thank my hubby for having the motivation to return to school, to better himself, to educate himself and to broaden his {and mine} {and our} horizons; thanks sweetie!
Can we grow pink poppies on the east coast?
Have you ever made a huge life change along these lines? They come as geographical moves but career and familial/relationship growth as well. In my humble little opinion, these leaps of faith require a great deal of courage and I commend all those who commit to a new job, a new city, a new mate, a new state...and I will hopefully draw from your gumption as well.
xoxo, natty ♥

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Patty Pan.

If June is my favorite month of the year then May is a close second. The weather has been glorious, promises of longer days abound and some real warmth finally settles in around here. Let me ponder a few more things that make me happy.
About as good as any picture of us gets.
1} Our good friend just wrapped up his master's degree. That is some hard work he did and even more admiral work that he's on his way to doing considering that his degree is in Social Welfare; we are SO proud of him.
2} For part of our dinner tonight I pan fried us up some...wait for it...Patty Pan Squash! I definitely forgot to take any pictures of the little dudes but just picture very light green flying saucers about three inches wide. They were very spring-like and dainty AND delicious {healthy too!}.
3} I'm looking at some lovely flowers my hubby-dubby got me this weekend; what a keeper!
4} We've got a new episode of Girls waiting on our DVR. Have you seen this show yet? It's Not Too Shabby.
5} DVR...I'm loving this situation as much as I can right now considering that as a couple we'll soon be one starving student plus one starving student's wife and DVRs usually aren't a part of that lifestyle.
What's lovely about life in your neck of the woods? I actually have one more thing that I want to talk about but it deserves its own mention. My buddy, my pal, my Becs...she just welcomed a new family member into her home. His name is Wish and he has four legs and a swishy/fluffy tail. I'm so happy for Wish and his new family!!!
xoxo, natty ♥

Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

To all wonderful and hard working {read:any} mothers {of all kinds}, a happy day to you!!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Taco stand.

Mr. Mike is getting us on-the-way-home-tacos while I wait in the car. That's a sign of a great day. Also, many congratulations to our friend who graduated today!!!
And an early Happy Mothers' Day to all those out there and mine especially!!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Steak Frites.

This weekend we're celebrating our good & great friend Eddie. He just finished becoming a master and we're so happy for and proud of him. To kick off these happy days we shared a meal tonight. I had Steak Frites which is Fancy for beef and french fries. It was delicious and, again, we're thrilled for our pal; way to go Big Ed!
xoxo, natty ♥

Friday, May 11, 2012


I'd like to explain yesterday's post. Mr. Mickey, my hubby, is an amazing man. I love him; I just totally & completely love him. He's also super smart. The guy married me, after all.
Doing what he does best; imitating Richard Nixon.
Anyway, he's such a smarty pants that he went and decided to go and become a master. To get to that state of masterdom he needs to go and get learned. In order to get a learnin' he needs to find an institution of higher education.
After some months of searching, writing, applying and finally deciding {as well as announcing to family, friends and coworkers} I can finally write about it; we're moving to Washington, D.C..
I have many-many-many emotions swirling around inside of me. I have since February when we started hearing back from schools. Our trip over spring break was a chance for Mike to visit the schools he was deliberating between and a chance to visit with some great people {Fence! Brother-in-law!}. We/He really took all the time we could and right on the deadline finally decided on Johns Hopkins. The campus for Mike's program is in D.C. rather than in Baltimore which is an exhilarating, scary, fantastic, amazing and stupendous opportunity for us - our nation's capitol is a glorious place. Plus Brother-in-law lives there. And the museums are free. And the metro is clean. And there are panda bears in the zoo. And they have plentiful cherry blossoms in Spring. And...
But another adjective comes to mind : bittersweet. As trite as it is to use such a description, I am really and truly torn between loving our life here {jobs, family, friends} and looking ahead at new and exciting adventures. I am grateful for this little blog to be able to record the next few months, that much I can say.
So now you know why I put up a comparison of San Jose, CA, versus Washington, D.C., though I guess I really have no explanation for my deep rooted interest in weather patterns; so much more precipitation in our new home! I promise you many more observations as we {somehow!} move ourselves, my beloved Fiestaware and a scraggly dachshund across the country sometime between now and late July. And beyond that even more updates, I'm sure, you lucky Reader you.
Will I have to change the title of this blog? I suppose I can decide later on down the road {no pun intended}.
xoxo, natty ♥

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Compare and Contrast.

xoxo, natty ♥


I've been browsing through my photo library and admiring my faux-tography. 
This was on a hike in Costa Rica.
In Boston.
This is most definitely not Boston. Or Costa Rica.
This is also Southwest but not so obviously-so.
Do you pretend to dabble in scenic photography? If I were patient and made time I could probably punch up the color better or even get that Big Girl Camera that I would eventually like to invest in but for now, point and shoot and iphone pictures keep me happy.
On an unrelated note but one that deserves mentioning {in my own opinion}, we're watching Frozen Planet right now {much later than the rest of the world I realize} and it's FASCINATING but I certainly did not enjoy seeing a pack of Orcas bully a little seal and eventually use their teeth to drag it off of an ice floe. 
xoxo, natty ♥

Monday, May 7, 2012


Without going into specifics things are still wack-o in my little corner of the world so mulling over a few positives is an especially good idea for me today.
A kind of weird picture to remind me of easy beach days; they do exist.
1} I got out and about this weekend. I helped my Mike and his coworkers put on a three-mile run for the kids they work with. I definitely didn't run the whole three but I did get in about a mile without pain; yea! Buuuuut when I got home I went out on my own and didn't last too much longer. This is an official Bummer but I'm putting it up here because I felt SO good running for the time I did. An indoor stationary bike can be soul crushing for me and being outside is the best {only?} antidote. Back to one minute on/one minute off for 20 minutes I guess.
2} It's WARM here! Like, in the 80s warm. Need I say more?
3} This is a dorky one but here goes : I'm thoroughly enjoying my wider blog margins. 
4} I'll be cooking fava beans for the first time this week; I'm excited!
5} I have some fresh peas {that I shelled!} that are waiting for cooking; maybe a quiche?
What's ticking your fancy where you're at? Have you been enjoying Mad Men on Sundays like we have? Are you going to watch The Voice tonight like we will? I promise we do much more beyond watch television but those were the what came from my fingertips just now.
Happy Monday to you!
xoxo, natty ♥

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Changing of the guard margins.

I had some time to dawdle in the html of ye olde blog this morning and got the margins to a place of love instead of a place of narrowness; now I can put in BIGGER pictures for you reader!
In other news, there are veggies languishing in our fridge that need to be cooked ASAP {or "YA" if you're thinking en español}. There's laundry waiting {ever so patiently} to be washed and folded. There's a Mad Men episode on tonight begging to be watched or at least recorded. There's family to be visited with. There's some preparation to be done for work tomorrow. There are lunches to be made as well.
On the other hand it's a beautiful day out.
Can you guess where my heart is?
Good Sunday to you.
xoxo, natty ♥

Saturday, May 5, 2012

101 in 1001 : March & April 2012.

March came and left as did April. With my grandmother’s stroke and the traveling that we did {a weekend in Arizona in March and a week on the east coast in April} paired with the general chaos that kind of accompanied those conditions I’ve been frantic. Thus, I’m doing a two-month update and also giving myself some leeway on a few monthly/seasonly goals.

We have also got some big things coming up in the next three months and I’m looking forward to checking off several goals. I’m so happy to have started this list and to know that I have something to be accountable to.
Are you continuing with or starting any interesting goals? The end of the school year is rapidly encroaching and times of transitions always seem to be great opportunities to do something new.

And if you’re celebrating victory against the French at the Battle of Puebla today, then may you do so safely.

At the start of every month I’d like to write about my “101 in 1,001”; what I’ve completed in the past four or so weeks and what I look forward to in the next.
Click HERE to read what this is all about and click HERE to keep track of more up-to-date progress via the Google document.

March-April 2012: 3/101 goals complete; 23/101 goals in progress.

Did I begin:
* Number 53: Finish my long-ago-began t-shirt quilt. Eeeek again…no.
* Number 56: Plant bulbs. Eeeek x 3…no.

Did I complete:
* Number 30: Back up our computers. Nope.
* Number 35: Sign up for a produce delivery service. Aaaaand not yet.
* Number 63: Leave a nice and anonymous note for someone once a season; 0/11. No, but see the end of this post for an explanation.
* Number 92: Finish writing thank you notes. Almost but still “no”!

Did I continue:
* Number 1: Enjoy local nature {hiking, biking, etc.} {local = within a two hour car ride} once a month; 4/33. Yes! Desert Botanical Gardens in March and local San Jose streets in April!
* Number 16: Talk to my parents once a week; 18/132. Yes!
* Number 18: Identify 132 things that make me happy {one a week}; 18/132. Week 10: gearing up for Spirit Week! Week 11: It IS Spirit Week!. Week 12: going to Arizona this weekend. Week 13: my grammy will recover from her stroke. Week 14: Spring Break is on the horizon! Week 15: East Coast here we come! Week 16: no more airplanes! Week 17: it’s SO pretty outside! Week 18: field trip is over. Week 19: it’s AP week #1 and there are no bells at school.
* Number 25: Get all of my documents and accounts switched over to my new name. Yes…kind of! April 2012 : I have my new driver’s license!
* Number 32: Come up with a new way to be green every month; 4/6. Yes. March 2012: no manicures/pedicures. This might sound a bit prissy but I love these things and I figure that it’s fewer chemicals out there. April 2012: only women might understand this and I’m blusing just thinking about it but in the spirit of transparency I’m recording it : the Diva Cup. May 2012 : getting veggies at a farmer’s market and using less packaging in the process.
* Number 39: Walk Guinness in the evenings at least once a week; 18/156. Yes.
* Number 49: Bake cookies or breads once a month; 4/33. Yes. March 2012: chocolate chip cookies. April 2012 : sugar cookies.
* Number 50: Cook something new every month; 4/33. Yes. March 2012: enchiladas! April 2012: fajitas!
* Number 72: Go to the movies once a month; 3/33. Yes; kind of. See my above note about March. March 2012: “The Hunger Games” {everything I wanted it to be!}.
* Number 89: Continue to uphold and develop our own traditions {birthdays, New Year, Thanksgiving, Halloween, anniversary, etc.} Yes! Mikey’s birthday {3/2012}.
* Number 90: Blog once a day until June 2012. Yes!
* Number 99: Read through the “50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind” once a month; 4/33. Yes!

* Number 4 : Visit six states I’ve never been to {an airport layover doesn’t count}. April 2012 : Massachusetts!
* Number 27: Go one month without buying anything for myself that isn’t food related. Woo Hoo! Part of my Lent this year is to not buy anything for myself that isn’t food/medicine/work related. I began on 2/22 and completed this on 3/21 {four weeks = one month}.
* Number 65 : Visit with an older/home-bound/sick person once every six months. April 2012 : visited with neighbor Ted.
* Number 71 : See my friends who live in other states once a year; 1/3. Saw Becs in March and Fence in April!
* Number 78: Visit a museum once a season; 2/11. Winter 2011-2012: The Oakland Museum of California on 2/18/2012. Spring Break 2012 : Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History, National Museum of the American Indian and the Smithsonian National Museum of American History.

In May 2012…

I would like to begin:
* Number 28: Donate to my Alma Maters once a year.

I would like to complete:
* Number 25: Get all of my documents and accounts switched over to my new name.
* Number 30: Back up our computers.
* Number 63: Leave a nice and anonymous note for someone once a season; 0/11.
* Number 92: Finish writing thank you notes. 

I would like to continue:
* Number 1: Enjoy local nature {hiking, biking, etc.} {local = within a two hour car ride} once a month; 4/33.
* Number 16: Talk to my parents once a week; 18/132.
* Number 18: Identify 132 things that make me happy {one a week}; 18/132.
* Number 32: Come up with a new way to be green every month; 4/33.
* Number 49: Bake cookies or breads once a month; 4/33.
* Number 50: Cook something new every month; 4/33.
* Number 72: Go to the movies once a month; 3/33.
* Number 89: Continue to uphold and develop our own traditions {birthdays, New Year, Thanksgiving, Halloween, anniversary, etc.}.
* Number 90: Blog once a day until June 2012.
* Number 99: Read through the “50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind” once a month; 4/33.

xoxo, natty ♥

Friday, May 4, 2012


Friday Friday Friday Friday Friday Friday Friday Friday Friday.


Things are all of a sudden really busy around here so this will be short and sweet...probably my next few posts will be as well - maybe just a picture and a few sentences. Hopefully next week I'll be able to get back into it.
For now, I'm loving the spring around us. I was walking in our apartment complex today and our little hound ran ahead of me which forced me to actually look up instead of at my feet...
...then I saw this beautiful sight; leaves! 
Happy Almost Weekend to You!
xoxo, natty ♥

Thursday, May 3, 2012


xoxo, natty ♥

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A month in pictures; April 2012.

I'm getting my bootay kicked this week so y'all will have to wait for the March AND April 101/1'001 updates. But I can manage some pictures.
  1. A Made Bed. 2. Jasmine in the air. 3. Grading. 4. Benny Boy! 5. Flowers to brighten up our kitchen. 6. Easter. 7. More Easter. 8. Even MORE Easter. 9. Harvard Square. 10. Dog on a train. 11. Dorothy's slippers. 12. Long snout. 13. West Wing. 14. Brudders. 15. Not a crook. 16. So many hours in the air. 17. Podcast. 18. Contrast. 19. The Donkey. 20. Honkers. 21. Fruit. 22. Home decorating. 23. Shredded. 24. Heart-shaped cubes. 25. Green. 26. Exposed. 27. Product association. 28. Quiche. 29. Veggies. 30. Word games.
xoxo, natty ♥

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


We just finished dinner and watching The, to remind me why this is a Good Day and a Good Week...
A stuffed bear, a red plastic bin, an elf hat, striped pants on Mom and a vacuum cleaner; what else could you want?!
1} I'm {God-willing} taking some classes on a field trip this week. I actually get really anxious about these things since there are many logistics and I'm the person in charge BUT this is going to be a good trip and a very beneficial experience for my kiddos. It's a great experience and I'm really grateful for the opportunity to take my charges.
2} I went to a roundtable discussion on Immigration hosted by my school tonight and it was impactful. To borrow a phrase used on our campus, it really complicated my thinking. Rather, it aided me in complicated my thinking. Oh man.
3} My hubby took care of dinner tonight. THANK YOU.
4} In three days he {look above at #3} will be my husband of EIGHT months. We're barreling straight towards those paper gifts!
5} It's Monday. 
That means I can maybe complete the crosswords in the paper.

Are you enjoying the end of April? Have you "complicated your thinking" recently? Are there any issues that you feel passionately about? Do you love easy mental challenges as much as I do?
xoxo, natty ♥