101 in 1,001.

OK, here I go again. I started my "101 in 1,001" in January 2012 because I was inspired by others doing so and I felt as though it was a solid, life-improving, reachable, and accountability-inducing endeavor. I still hold those opinions.

But, as I mentioned late in 2012, I didn't put in the best forethought considering the life changes that were ahead of us so I'm beginning anew and I'm, as I was the last time, still really excited about this.

My mission: to complete these 101 goals in the 1,001 days, or at least get as close as I can. I don't think that this is an exercise in checking items off a list, rather, I'd like to be more accountable in my life than I feel I currently am and I'm looking forward to a concrete reminder of how I feel as though I can improve my personal accountability.

In 101 neat and tidy steps.

I'm kidding with that last one, by the way; I don't think that anything ever turns out perfectly neat and tidy and as-planned but I do enjoy having a list in front of me. And really, I am not going to beat myself up if I don't accomplish each and every goal; this is an exercise in improvement and any steps in a positive and peaceful direction are accomplishments.

My criteria: my goals need to be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound {S.M.A.R.T. goals if you're keeping track}...or somewhere in that neighborhood. I'm aiming for specifically-worded goals {"read a book a month" vs. "be smarter"}, goals that I can measure in things produced, accomplished, given, earned, etc., goals that I see as actually within my reach between now and September 2015 {running for president of the US is just not going to happen}, goals that matter to me {"running a marathon" sounds great to me while "starting my own personal photography business" does not}, and goals that I'd like to see happen on or before September 28, 2015 {"time-bound"}.

I came up with categories to help me organize my goals and thoughts and those are areas of my life/the world that matter to me and it's easier to scan through my list each month and decide which goals I'd like to tackle in the next few weeks when they're not in one long list.

Why 1,001 days: Lots of bloggers {and non-bloggers I'm sure} have done a "101 in 1,001" and what I've gleaned from reading through the introductions to these lists is that 1,001 days is close to three years which allows for several weather cycles {to provide for various travel conditions} and money-saving cycles, as well as some other things, I imagine, but I like the idea of having a few winters, springs, summers and falls to get stuff done. It's also nice to have time to try and save money for certain goals.

Start date: January 1, 2013 {it's a Tuesday}
End date: September 28, 2015 {it's a Monday}
Goals complete: 1/101
Goals in progress: 11/101
Last updated: February 17, 2013

Crossed out marks a completed item.
Italics marks a partially completed or in-progress item.
Bold indicates an adjustment due to unforeseen circumstances.

Here's my Google document that I'll be aiming to keep updated somewhat weekly.

A disclaimer: to maintain some spontaneity and chaos in my life, these categories are in super random order and each goal and category's numerical placement plays no role in its importance.

House and Home {4}
1. Frame wedding prints.
2. Make a weekly cleaning schedule.
3. Stick to our weekly cleaning schedule for a month.
4. Connect our DVD player.
Celebrate {7}
5. Dye Easter eggs.
6. Decorate for Christmas.
7. Make a gingerbread house.
8. Host a cookie exchange.
9. Send out Christmas cards on or before 12/15 in 2013 and 2014 {0/2}.
10. Get and decorate a Christmas tree.
11. Host a holiday meal.
Healthy Physical Body {9}
12. Run two marathons; one in 2013 and one in 2014 {0/2}.
13. Don't hit the snooze button for a month.
14. Get a facial.
15. Run a turkey trot on Thanksgiving each year {0/2}.
16. Live as vegetarians for a month.
17. Go skiing.
18. Get a massage.
19. Be in bed by 9:45 PM and awake and dressed by 8 AM each day for a month.
20. Begin my run or exercise routine before 8AM for a month.

Organized, Frugal, and Responsible {15}
21. Transfer friends' birthdays, emails, and phone numbers into an electronic address book.
22. Finish our Wedding Thank you notes.
23. Organize my recipe collection.
24. Cancel our cable TV.
25. Begin saving for a home.
26. Organize CD and DVD collection.
27. Don't eat out for a month.
28. Create an emergency kit for our home and car {0/2}.
29. Backup my computer once a month {0/33}.
30. Go an entire month without buying anything for myself that isn't food or medicine {eating out is not allowed}.
31. Pack up my wedding dress.
32. Clean and organize the inside of our car.
33. Unsubscribe myself from email lists that I don't need to be on.
34. Be CPR certified each year {0/3}.
35. Make and stick to a budget.

Wise Mind {7}
36. Quit Facebook.
37. Join a book-club.
38. Read four books each year {one every three months} {1/11}. In January 2013 I read "The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian" by Sherman Alexie; it was excellent, easy to read, laugh-inducing, tear-jerking, and an over-all Good Read.
39. Write a list of 101 things I've already achieved in my life.
40. Create a new 101 in 1,001 list to begin on January 1, 2016.
41. Update this list each month {1/33}.
42. Donate a dollar for each unrealized goal to a charity.

Crafty {3}
43. Sew something that I can wear.
44. Finish/make my t-shirt quilt.
45. Sew something as a gift. 

Adventurous New Things and Places {5}
46. Visit New York City.
47. Visit New Orleans.
48. See a show on Broadway.
49. Go to the Shenandoah Valley.
50. See the Grand Canyon in person.

Tree Hugging {3}

51. Take only public transportation or walk for a month.
52. Go camping each Summer-Fall {0/3}.
53. Acquire or make a fabric/reusable paper towel set. 

Hungry Culinary Delights Eating and Cooking {5}
54. Can or jar something.
55. Read through the Joy of Cooking.
56. Read through Mastering the Art of French Cooking.
57. Make Beef Bourguignon.
58. Sign up for a Spring/Summer CSA.

Family {5}
59. Visit California family twice a year {0/6}.
60. Visit with my in-laws twice a year {0/6}.
61. Call or see my grandmother once a week {7/157}.
62. Celebrate my brother's high school graduation.
63. Talk to my parents once a week {7/157}.

Soul Emotional {3}
64. Go to mass or another spiritual/meditative event twice a month {2/66}. 
65. See the Nutcracker ballet.
66. Go "offline" {no internet or email} for a week. 

Friends {3}
67. Arrange and go on a trip with friends.
68. Host a sports-watching party.
69. Call a friend on the phone once a week {7/157}.

Travel {2}
70. Visit a new country.
71. Visit three new states {0/3}. 

Me & Him {8}
72. Begin a family.
73. Go on a date with my husband, even if it's just ice cream, once a month {1/33}.
74. Go to the snow for the day.
75. Have a picnic.
76. Welcome another dog {or cat} into our home.
77. Celebrate our birthdays and continue to develop birthday traditions {1/6}.
78. Take a picture of us on our anniversary holding the picture from the previous year {0/3}.
79. Add a new Christmas ornament to our annual collection for 2013 and 2014 {0/2}.

Just Because {9)
80. Go to an NBA, NFL, or MLB game.
81. Send a handwritten note to someone once a month {2/33}.
82. See four movies in the theaters each year {one for every three months} {1/11}. We saw "Zero Dark Thirty" in January 2013.
83. Plan and throw a surprise party.
84. Go to a U-pick farm.
85. Put an inspirational/happy quote somewhere I will see it each day.
86. Attend or host a clothing swap.
87. Try dramatic eye make-up for a night.
88. Subscribe to a magazine. 

Remember {4}
89. Acquire a digital single-lens reflex camera.
90. Have a couples/family photo session with a photographer.
91. Print out photos and make an album for each month of a year.
92. Order wedding prints.

Ambitious  {2}
93. Begin a teacher certification process.
94. Acquire an "e-reader".

Kind to others  {7}
95. Walk Guinness once a week {7/157}.
96. Volunteer at an animal shelter.
97. Knit a scarf or make a blanket to donate to a shelter or hospital. 
98. Leave a nice note for someone in the windshield of their car.
99. Pay for someone behind me in line.
100. Volunteer at a committee or at an event at church.
101. Make a double batch of soda bread to send as a gift for St. Patrick's Day.

I'm really glad I've got these goals written down and I'll look forward to my monthly posts!
xoxo, natty ♥


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