Friday, February 28, 2014

39 weeks.

I’m still running off adrenaline from my last few hours of work today but hopefully I’ll calm down soon enough because WOAH, today was my last day of work. It’s very surreal to me. I’ve never passed on my classes before; when the school year is over, my classes are done and it’s summer but now, those classes that I’ve put so {SO} much effort into since August are just someone else’s. Even though it’s weird, though, I’m beyond grateful for many things; for the ability to take off this time from work, for the substitute who is coming in to take my classes, for my supportive husband at home…and many other things. On a very basic level, I really hope that this baby of ours comes on or very near her due date so that I can get at least two or three weekdays to sleep in next week!

Let’s update!
I hate these horrible shadows but we have two lights out in our apartment that are hard to replace because we have recessed lighting and we need to scrounge up a ladder to change them. Plus only Mikey can do this, he doesn't think I should be climbing things at this point.
How far along: 39 weeks


·      Horrible pain {carpal tunnel?} in my right thumb. I mentioned this last week too and it feels worse this week. I can’t grip things very well and it is so stiff when I get up in the morning.
·      A bit of feet swelling this week. Or more than a bit? Well, my shoes are tight. My tootsies don’t look huge so it could just be widening. I seriously hope I don’t go up too much in actual foot size because I really don’t want to get mostly new shoes.
·      I’ve still been ravenous, dinner sometimes isn’t enough.
·      I get some restless legs when I sit on the couch; laying down seems ok and sitting in a chair is fine but the couch seems to aggravate them.
·      I’ve felt some pushing on something internal {my cervix?} and it is not the most enjoyable sensation.
·      I hadn’t known it at all but I think I’ve been having some Braxtin Hicks contractions. I only “found out” as I was laying down for the midwife to measure my belly she said “Oh, you’re having a contraction!”; I think it’s only when/if I lay down on my back and it felt like nothing except that my tummy got very firm/tight. The midwife told me that many women assume their actual contractions/labor won’t be that bad if/when they have these painless B-H contractions, which she thinks is hilarious because it’s not true. I thanked her kindly for her assurance.
·      I’m also very thirsty; water water water please!
·      My back and hips get sore when I’m laying down for too long.
·      The midwife gave me a weight estimate of about 7.5 pounds; these are very pretty subjective guesses but I’m hoping that little girl is around there – though actually birthing the child will be a challenge, I’m very happy with a bigger baby {I can’t wait for those chunky-monkey roly-poly thighs!}.

Wait gain: 167 to 171…what a range; it was about 170 the night before my appointment, then 171 at the midwife yesterday, then about 168 late last night.

Size of baby: a mini-watermelon or a watermelon; one website said one and the other said the other.

Exercise: walking at work; not very good.

Milestones: I wrapped up work. This is huge for me. As I mentioned earlier in the post, I’m having a hard time realizing that I won’t go into work on Monday; I’m officially on maternity leave – eek!

Our daughter is now at “full-term”, 37 to 38 weeks is “early term” I think. If I were to have needed a scheduled C-section for whatever reason, now’s when it could happen.

What I miss
: sleeping for more than two to three hours and not having back/hip pain. And not having this weird hand/thumb pain!

Sex: daughter.

Movement: good moves, lots of “rolling” around, though she isn’t rolling anymore, I think it’s more like arching her back and moving her arms and legs.

Thoughts/questions/concerns: now I get to have a baby!!! I want to have some days to mentally wrap my mind around labor and birth. I’ve been so focused on work that those two big events have been swept aside a bit and I’m really excited to get myself into a mentally prepared {or as prepared as I can be} state of mind.

And, yes, I’m nervous. But I’ve heard that nerves are a good thing in this process.

Sleep: I said it earlier; I’m up every two to three hours and I get sore/achy, but those few hours are good sleep.

Goals: make it to 40 weeks!

Random: Like last week, I thought of a few more things I’d like to get before I feel totally ready for this child of ours; some more newborn diapers {to use before we jump over to cloth [yikes!]}, a dishwasher container for her bottle accouterments, some lanolin, and hair bows {totally necessary}.

I’d also like to get our apartment un-cluttered; there’s baby stuff stashed in boxes in our living room and I want to get it organized/put away. My biggest challenge right now is baby clothes. There’s only so much space I can find. Even if I only put her current size in the drawers I have dedicated to our daughter, then I still need to find a place to put those extra clothes and because our apartment’s lack of storage, that’s a challenge. At the same time, I don’t want to shove all of her things into her few drawers because then it’s hard to see what she has. These are definitely “first world” problems and honestly I’m just so grateful for this impending arrival and we’ll figure out where to put her clothes soon enough. 

All in all, I’m just SO excited for this next phase of our lives; is it really time?!?!

xoxo, natty ♥

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Vortex once again.

I talked about snow earlier this week and tonight the low temperatures are getting a mention {scintillating material on this here blog}; with the strong wind gusts we've been getting, it's low, low and arctic. And a shout out to my northern friends, I know you have it far worse than us; this is more of  a general "let's get winter over" plea/complaint.

In other non-weather but pregnancy related news, my midwife said to start drinking red raspberry leaf tea. I brewed a bit tonight to keep in the fridge and though it is only the leaves and not the sweet, sweet raspberry fruit,it smells so nice and in this drafty apartment I wanted to guzzle it all down. But I saved it in the fridge and I'm planning on drinking it from a water bottle tomorrow.

And on that note, here's to it almost being Friday!
xoxo, natty ♥

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Some more snow.

It snowed again today. Out climate is so much milder than many others in the country but me thinks it doesn't normally go the way it's been going this year.

It certainly was pretty, though, from about seven to noon, while it came down hard and then it all melted to make the drive home manageable {remember that since it doesn't happen here that often it's always a nuisance and things start late or shut down}.

Apparently a bit more should come tonight. Then there was some forecasted for next week too. But next week also ushers in March {lion and lamb weather!} and that's a Good Thing.

After that scintillating information folks, it's time to get ready for tomorrow; goodnight y'all!
xoxo, natty ♥

Monday, February 24, 2014

Happy happy.

There's a bit about which to be pleased today; let's ruminate on it.

1. These bright diapers make me happy.
Look at those "clementine" colored ones!
We might be coo coo for attempting to cloth diaper but I'm very excited about giving it a try and I adore the various colors we've amassed. Some more are on their way to make this little collection complete for now. I might be changing my tune come seven months or so when little bit is eating some human food and things are getting gross but I suppose that's part of the whole parenting package.
2. When visiting my in-laws this past December I made prudent use of the pink grapefruit juice supply my father-in-law had created thanks to his fruitful orchard {one tree} in the backyard.
When everyone else was enjoying a nightly libation I mixed together club soda, a splash of Sprite {"Spite" as my family calls it}, and the pink juice and ohmygoodness if it wasn't so delicious. 

I hadn't thought about this much since we left but recently Rebecca shared she had concocted something similar and I realized that there's nothing stopping me from doing the same myself, even though I don't have grandpa-to-be's tree, some store-bought juice will make do.

And it was yummy! And really refreshing. I'll  exhaust our ginger ale supply and then maybe buy a wee bottle of Spite and some non-lime club soda and then I may be addicted.

3. I recently contributed to the local girl-scout community.
3.The two on the left are for guests that will be coming into town soon {can't imagine why} and the two on the right are for me.

4. Our child has been active today and though I'll be sad when I no longer get to experience it, I really, really love the way it feels when she's on the move in mah belly. It's an amazing sensation and I am already looking forward to the next time around {but not too soon!}.

5.Tuesday is almost here; isn't that marvelous? I think that it's really just Sunday that gets us all down; once Monday has started it's a cool slide into workday #2.

How YOU doing today Reader? Eating cookies like we are?
xoxo, natty ♥

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Dasvidaniya Sochi.

We're watching the closing ceremonies {& looking forward to the next big sporting events: March Madness and then the World Cup} and mentally gearing up for the week ahead...did you have a nice weekend Reader? 

Today continued yesterday's theme of being low-key and I'm grateful for it considering there's a mountain of work ahead for me to get done since these are my last days at work before going on leave.

On that note, good night y'all and have a great Monday!
xoxo, natty ♥

Saturday, February 22, 2014

A change of pace.

Today was much different from last Saturday in the sense that the pace was much slower and much less sugar was consumed - after a morning trip to Costco I had a really relaxing day that involved some Indiana Jones movies on TV.

I'm also cobbling together some baby preparation as I get the energy/motivation. This past week really got me pooped out, more than I could've told you during the week or even ever predicted but, then again, I'm a very pregnant woman right now and shouldn't be surprised at this. Since I was so wiped out, today was really nice and apparently well-needed. 

So we're not very interesting people this weekend but we're well rested and on the road to feeling even more prepared for this baby on her way.
xoxo, natty ♥

Friday, February 21, 2014

38 weeks.

This is my second to last Friday at work {at least I hope it is!} and I am not fully convinced that I’m truly having a baby in the next few weeks. It’s been a good week, a day short thanks to Presidents’ Day, and I’m trying to mentally gear up for my last five days at work…so let’s get an update!
Pardon the shadowy right side; our apartment has a couple of big boxes and not the best lighting currently. And this is how I look after 14 hours. Also, I wanted to wear a dark colored top to contrast more with our light walls but this white t-shirt is one of the things that still fits well/in an embarrassing way.

How far along: 38 weeks


·      I had some of this in my right hand several months ago but it has flared up big time and into my thumb…I think it’s carpal tunnel syndrome. My thumb joint gets SO stiff and painful overnight and during the day it’s just in pain. My hand is weak because of it and I’m worried I’ll pick up something break-able and drop it. I’ve heard this can happen in pregnancy so I truly hope it goes away when our child has made her appearance.
·      Related to the carpal tunnel, I think, I’ve had a very tingly right arm. Sometimes it feels like it’s asleep but without any pressure on it. I’ve heard that baby can rest oddly on various nerves which explains this sensation and the midwives agree. I think it’s also what’s been making the top of my belly feel tingly. Lots of people say a tingly arm is a heart attack warning but this is definitely not that, it's baby-nerve contact.
·      I’ve been HUNGRY this week. Like, so hungry. I’ve been eating sandwiches at night after dinner.
·      A bit of the old back pain has been lingering but it’s not too bad.
·      My feet are bigger than they were nine months ago, though that’s not new…what is new is that last night when we got back from the midwife I noticed that my right leg was a bit bigger than my left and that it had a bit of pain. It got better after a night’s sleep but I noticed the pain and swelling again this evening. After initially telling me to lay down, the midwife, when she called back to check in, said to rest and call again tomorrow if things get worse/don’t get better.

Wait gain: 167. Though the midwives’ scale said 170 but that was wearing a ton of clothes and boots.

Size of baby: a pumpkin or a bunch of leeks.

Exercise: just walking at work.

Milestones: we had our last baby shower – with friends; it was so much fun and we are so grateful for the beautiful shower our fabulous friends threw for us…and for the dear, dear friends who came into town to visit with us and celebrate the baby.

I met and trained my substitute teacher…so tiring but so worthwhile to be able to spend two days at work with her.

What I miss
: for the first time in my pregnancy, this week I felt a twinge of “it’s no longer my body…it’s her body. I’m so glad to give our daughter all she needs from what I have, and I will continue to do so when breastfeeding, but it sure will be exciting to wear normal clothes again!

Sex: little girl.

Movement: strong and frequent, though she had a couple of “quieter” days. The midwife said that she’s in a “perfect” position.

Thoughts/questions/concerns: I’m not thrilled with this swelling/pain combination so hopefully a weekend off my feel things will feel better.   

I’d like to finish this upcoming last week at work so hopefully everything stays healthy and in position. It would also be nice to have a few days to myself at home after stopping work so hopefully baby stays put for a couple more weeks.
Gratuitous puppy shot.
Sleep: I’m up every two to three hours and I need to flip over to the other side each time I get up otherwise I get sore arms/backs/hips. I'm attached to my snoogle while in bed.

Goals: be/stay healthy through my last week at work.

Random: I’d like to order a few more things for baby before she gets here; changing table pad {to go on tope of our dresser}, some baby hand mittens, and a few other things. We also got a Moby wrap which I’m really excited to try out with an actual baby in the wrap rather than a big belly in the way of tying it around me.
xoxo, natty ♥

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Rush rush!

Wooooo I'm beat; I've been training my substitute this week and this afternoon I zipped straight from work, through the usual nasty traffic, back to DC for a midwife appointment {last week's appointment got cancelled due to snow}. 

So now we're home and eating an easy dinner and I'm looking forward to 24 hours from now because then it's Friday night!! Until then.
xoxo, natty ♥

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


xoxo, natty ♥

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Pothole season.

In southern California they have fire season towards the end of the summer/early fall when it's still warm and the hills have dried out and flames fly easily.

I've decided that around here if/when it snows/freezes like it has been the past month, it's pothole season. I think it's the changing temperatures, icy roads, and plentiful salt/moisture; whatever it is, it's wreaking havoc on roads that weren't that great to begin with. 

I can usually spot the bad ones and remember where they are so I can avoid them but after five days of weather my commute had developed some new doozies. I drove through/over what looked and felt like a four by two feet {& maybe 8 inches deep} chunk out of the road. I'm just waiting for a tire to pop.

I'm also curious about when/how they fill in these voids; do they try to do it over night? I certainly have noticed a wee bit of improvement {weeeeeeee}; the smaller ones seem to get filled but definitely not those big axle-ruiners.

However, I am grateful to make it to and from work/home safely. I'll continue to try and avoid those road ditches and also keep my eyes on the road.
xoxo, natty ♥

Monday, February 17, 2014

So many thoughts.

Hello from Monday nightsville!
Rebecca took this shot yesterday morning; it will have to suffice as our sole maternity photo shoot.

In these final weeks of pregnancy I have a ton going through my head but I used today's holiday to actually not dwell on them or rush to accomplish too many things.

But I did...

1. Revel in how wonderful our weekend was for two reasons:

1a. My two pals from college made it out here and like I said yesterday it buoyed my heart and spirit to be with these ladies. We missed you Emily and I love you three dearly.

1b. Some other and just as nifty friends threw us an amazing baby shower; it was a blast! And an extremely deep and heartfelt thanks goes out to those two friends {& their little doggie whom we missed}.

4. Make chicken tortilla soup; yum!!

3. Watch a good Law & Order SVU with my hubby.

4. Do a wee bit of laundry.

5. Even sneak in a nap; I figure they are limited in their remaining number so I might as well take em if I can.

Oh I'm a happy girl tonight even though it's back to the real world {a.k.a alarm clock wake-ups} tomorrow {after a five-day weekend thanks to snow days} and I hope that there's a bit of proverbial {or real!!} sunshine in your life today/tonight/this week Reader.
xoxo, natty

Sunday, February 16, 2014


I had SUCH an amazing weekend with Becs and Ellie - thank you two so very much for giving up Valentine's Day with your hubbies and spending it with me and mine; it means so much to us that you joined us here in DC for a sugar fueled weekend celebrating being friends as well as our on-her-way little girl.
This morning included a White House tour {thank you to our intrepid tour guide}, a bagel brunch, some talking about how we were still coming off of our sugar rushes thanks to yesterday's candy-filled baby shower, and just enjoying each other's company.

These dear friends are so valuable to my heart and soul; it was refreshing and heartening to be with them and our daughter is one lucky fetus to be able to count them as her honorary aunties.

Have a great work week y'all.
xoxo, natty ♥

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Reverting back to seventh grade.

After an amazing baby shower this afternoon {think: and 80s/90s soundtrack, Mario Kart, cookies, cupcakes, Connect Four, grilled cheese galore, and sweet tart shots [not for me]}, my pals, Mikey, and I got home and sugar crashed.
Then we {minus my husband - NBA All-Stars activities are somehow more of a draw to him than these activities} decided to continue the theme. After perusing an US Weekly and People magazine together, we're making friendship bracelets before bed; what a wild life we're living. I couldn't resist two large and brightly colored packages of embroidery floss so we're putting them to use in a crazy way tonight. 

Happy of happiest days to you all; I am so full and grateful for these wonderful women and the fun we had today.
xoxo, natty ♥

Friday, February 14, 2014

37 weeks.

MY FRIENDS ARE HERE!!!!!!!! I’m coming off of two snow days in a row, with the prospect of a three day weekend that includes a baby shower full of pals and a tour of the White House; I am one happy girl. So let’s get updated.
Pajama day #2.
How far along: 37 weeks; we’re considered “early term” though people used to call it “full term” at 37 weeks.


·      It was a light week at work, considering there were only three days, so my back and feet weren’t too bad; it’s actually driving that makes my back hurt the most so less time in the car is a great thing.
·      I’m HUNGRY.
·      I’m also hormonal; crying and agitated at the slightest thing.
·      I’m feeling so anxious about getting every possible thing done; I’m not doing any heavy cleaning because Mikey said he’d take care of that for me but I’ve been cooking up a storm {I’m at nine or ten meals frozen with one more on the docket}, getting our bag ready for when we need to go, finishing a project for the babe, and trying to get things ready around our place. It’s nesting, right? Whatever it is it’s a strong urge that’s hard to fight and I’m worried I’ll never feel settled but I know that I’ll need to just give it up at a certain point; baby will come and everything will be OK.

Wait gain: 165. Down another pound; my midwife appointment got cancelled this week due to snow so I’ll have to wait until it’s rescheduled to ask about this weight loss. I don’t want to be concerned and my belly certainly feels larger than last week so I’m thinking maybe I’m not gaining weight and that the baby might just be taking a bit of mine.

Size of baby: a winterfruit or a bunch of chard.

Exercise: lots of work around the apartment and cooking and we got in a good walk Wednesday night as well as some bowling last Sunday night {that’s totally exercise}.

Milestones: I made a quilt for our daughter. It’s a funky size and there are uneven hems here and there but I love it and hopefully she does too. 
I have some high fallutin’ ideas that maybe for our next baby he or she will also get his or her own quilt.

I also cooked three meals to freeze today; I had meant to get four done but I got tired…in the process I got the freezer cleaned out and organized and it felt really good to do so.

I also made it to 36 weeks and six days pregnant, which means that I can officially give birth at the birthing center; woo hoo!

We were also very generously gifted a stroller for this little one which is so very exciting to me {& her daddy too}; it’s still in the box but it will be so nice and fun to put it together!

What I miss
: tummy sleeping; it came up in conversation one day this week and I sure do enjoy a good belly flop onto the bed.

Sex: a baby girl will be joining us soon.

Movement: good squirming and lots of hiccups this week. I can feel her feeties on my side sometimes but I do think {& hope!} she’s still in a good head-down position.

Thoughts/questions/concerns: same as last week – let’s get even more ready for baby. There are a few things I’d like to get ordered for her for before she gets here and I think I may get that done on Sunday or Monday.  

Sleep: up every few hours for the bathroom and the whale flop over to my other side; my back and hips hurt after too much time on one side.

Goals: get my substitute plans all in order {I’m getting there}

Random: I’m SO excited for my friends’ visit and wish other pals were here to hang out too.

xoxo, natty ♥

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Going ons.

This post might be really boring to anyone who's not interested in weather or sewing. Not that any of my posts are that interesting but still.

Today was a snow day {and tomorrow has been called as well} I sewed! I finished little girl's quilt.

Despite some uneven edges and other imperfections, the pride I feel at accomplishing this project is immense; I COMPLETELY would not have predicted was just a lark I had thought I might try.
I wouldn't say that there was a hardest part, just that the whole shebang involved lots of detail and I didn't even make a pattern, just strips of fabric, so a real quilt would take a lot more thought/precision/time than this guy. I guess that the edging took the most concern but it was so much easier than I thought it would be.

The only other issue is that I think I broke my sewing machine. I was just attempting some gauzy burp cloths and after getting one sewn my machine {mostly from down below, the bobbin area if you know your way around a sewing machine} starting making a sound I could only describe as loud and bad. Then the thread got super tangled on the side of the burp cloth that faces down. The bobbin winder actually stopped working this past weekend but rather than take the time to get the machine evaluated I just bought a bunch of pre-threaded bobbins so that I could finish the quilt and it looks as though I did just in time!

I also got a wee bit of maternity substitute preparation done {I'm about 60% done getting this stuff ready}, planned out several more meals I'd like to make and freeze later this weekend {tomorrow maybe?}, took a wee nap, and enjoyed the snow that was beautiful early in the day. Then it started to rain but the snow stuck, it just got really slushy in the streets. Yuck.

IT started coming down again a few hours ago but I think it's done until maybe tomorrow night when we might get a little bit more; we'll be done with this soon I suppose, March ain't that far away!

And then, tomorrow, some very special people come here!!!!!
xoxo, natty ♥

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Busy busy busy.

I spent tonight busily grading so that I can pass back some things tomorrow. Other than that, today was just a nice, albeit full, Tuesday. I suppose there aren't too many "normal" days like this left in our neck of the woods; how scary and exciting! 

If you're in the path of the south/south-east/mid-Atlantic/northeast storm, are you excited for snow? Or ready for the warmer days of spring? I'm feeling a bit of both I suppose, but it's mostly because I want to embrace these last few weeks of pregnancy and in spring I will no longer be pregnant {at least let's hope!!!}.

Goodnight folks!ran
xoxo, natty ♥

Monday, February 10, 2014

I'll stop with this quilt eventually.

You won't need to hear much more about this quilt, hopefully - tonight I did the actual quilting {stitching together the three layers of the top, the inner batting, and the back},

I trimmed it all to size {it ain't gonna be huge but that's OK because babies aren't huge...actually now that I just wrote this all out I realize I might not have said much about this quilt on this here blog. I've been instagramming it but maybe I haven't blogged about it. In a nutshell - I wanted to make a quilt for my baby and I'm in the process of doing so.

I had thought it would be fun a la Young House Love to have a picture of our wee one on a different swath of fabric each week, wearing the same thing {white onesie [which is actually a trademarked/brand word like band-aid/kleen-ex/etc. - thanks to Gerber]} to show her growth.

Then I could make a quilt with a bit of each fabric on it for our kiddo.

But dang if fabric ain't expensive. So I coupon clipped and got some fabric to begin with and then decided to just make a quilt out of it and then I can do the picture each week on the quilt, same onesie, and just maybe do fun things with the left-overs. I only got half a yard of each print so there's not enough to put a baby on and take a cute picture like on the link above, not for long at least, though I could still try. But I think it's more likely I'll do something else with the left-overs, make a banner {like they did on the blog too} or perhaps some yet-un-thought-of creation.

So I'm feeling a bit lazy about looking it up on this blog to see if I've written about this project before {odds are low considering this all seems new} so please just accept my apologies if there was no context for this quilt.

Update - aha! I gained some ganas and found a post about this thing from only two days ago. There goes my mind.

Any which way, the only part left to do is the daunting binding so stay tuned, hopefully
OK moving onto what's good about Monday

1. I have some more sewing projects on my mind. Who knows if I'll really eke out some extra time but at least I have some cute, washed, and SOFT pieces of flannel.
2. Did you have any idea how near this is?
3.  I've mentioned it before but I'll say it again; THE FRIENDS ARE COMING THE FRIENDS ARE COMING!!! Barring any weather delays so hey, Old Man Winter, let them get here safely and on time!

4. I have at least one more freezer dinner I'm gonna try and whip up tomorrow night. I have most of the elements ready, actually, but I'm too tired to assemble it all, etc., so Tuesday night it'll be.

5. There were some chocolate chip cookies made and gladly consumed in the last day and I think I might need to make more; cookies are SOOOOOOO good. #howwillIeverlosethebabyweight?

Have you been enjoying any baked goods too? Any sewing projects? I hope you're well and warm this second Monday of February reader;
xoxo, natty ♥

Sunday, February 9, 2014


We went bowling tonight in the basement of the Old Executive Building which is the behemoth Victorian next to the White House {woot woot for the hook-up}.

I didn't bowl my worst.
Blurry so I'll keep it small.
Nor my best.

Note the toe past the line.
But we did have a great time.
Now onto the week...and on Friday I get to see two very special ladies; I pretty much can't wait!!!!
xoxo, natty ♥ 

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Now the scary part!

I've been working on this little project today...a sort-of-quilt.
I say sort-of because it's just strips of fabric and there was not much precision in my cutting and sewing.

But what I'm a bit nervous about is layering the top I just made with the batting and the back later {it's what's peeking around from the back on the very left. 

And then putting some sort of edging/border on this thing. 

But I do love the front so far.

Happy Saturday!
xoxo, natty ♥

Friday, February 7, 2014

36 weeks.

We just got back from a fun dinner with soon-to-be-great-aunt-Tricia; it was so nice to see her here in DC but I wish she had brought some Arizona warmth with her ;) It’s been a good week around here that included a day off {thanks to an icy storm} and several freezer meals prepped and ready for us when times are busier.  And onto an update!
How far along: 36 weeks


·      I’ve been pretty hungry this week.
·      I think that first trimester hormones have returned; my skin is wrecked and I’ve been super annoyed/angry/upset for no good reason.
·      My upper back is still hurting and my hips and lower back hurt too, but only in the middle of the night – when I get up every two to three hours to use the bathroom I need to flip over to my other side to even out the pressure.
·      Baby girl definitely spends some time pushing down hard every day, which, if I’m walking, makes me move a bit slowly.
·      I hadn’t articulated this before because I kind of just realized this today when swapping pregnancy highlights with a coworker today – I’ve been getting bad cramping/twisting/knotting in my calves {charlie horses}. But it’s only in the middle of the night and if I stretch out/flex my legs…they kind of hurt!

Wait gain: 166. So I’ve lost a pound in the past week? I’m wondering if this is OK? I think I read somewhere that some women actually lose weight at the very end but I thought it was at the VERY end and I still have four more weeks…I’ll ask about it next week.

Size of baby: a honeydew melon or a head of romaine lettuce.

Exercise: I walked a mile on the track while Mikey played soccer last weekend and we had a good two mile walk this evening…around the track I was feeling a bit crampy and tonight I felt the same way after rushing to make a light so the walking is great as long as I don’t go too fast.

Milestones: my very sweet and generous coworkers threw me a sweet baby shower today! And this past week I got about six meals made and frozen for when the babe is here. I also got all of our newborn clothes washed and folded.

My hospital/birth center bag is partially packed and we have all of our consent paperwork signed and ready to go.

My substitute at work was hired this week {yea!} and I’ve put a good dent in the preparation for her so I’m feeling OK about that.

I also triple checked with our HR person about my days and dates so to be sure about when I can go out on leave; it’s not like I’m tied to staying at work until a certain date, rather, I get my 12 weeks FMLA, I’d like to take off the remainder of the school year, when summer vacation starts I’m no longer “on leave”, so I need to count back 12 weeks from the end of summer – that gets me to about the week before my due date. If I can make it to that week, I’d like to stay until my due date to try and maximize my salary. That also means I’ve got to hustle on the home front to get things ready because it could be that when I wrap it up at work, I might not have much if any time before we become parents.

What I miss
: no back pain and sleeping in any position I’d like.

Sex: girl girl girl girl girl girl girl girl GIRL!

Movement: our daughter has been squirming around still and I love it. There have been a fair amount of hiccups this week too. I love feeling her move and I know that I’ll miss this part of pregnancy probably the most.

Thoughts/questions/concerns: let’s get ready!! I know that parents never really feel better but I’d like to get as much done as possible; laundry, a crafty thing I have planned for her, the car seat, get her baby carrier washed, make more meals, etc.

Sleep: every two to three hours for bathroom and to flip over to the other side. But it really is good sleep while I’m getting it!

Goals: more nesting and getting stuff ready at work…

Random: it’s the weekend!!! And we have some more bowling on the agenda!

xoxo, natty ♥