Thursday, June 18, 2015

15 months!

Hello summer!!!!!!!!
How old: 15 months.

Weight: about 22 pounds.

  • Being independent…this child is all about being her own person.
  • Putting on a show; if we laugh at something she does, Hanna will repeat the action to elicit another round of laughs. This is adorable until it’s not ;).
  • Berries of all sorts.
  • The toys and people at daycare; they’re all so much more fun than home!
  • Swimming…she’s gone several times in the past month and even had her first “swim lesson” tonight and our girl is a total fish.
  • Sitting in her green chair.
  • Going “SIDE!” {outside}.
  • Dogs, all of the dogs.
  • Balls.
  • Her CD of nursery rhymes…recently I realized she’s “singing” along and it’s soooooooooooo adorable.
  • Seeing her daddy, especially when he comes home in the evening.
  • Curious George on Netfilx, though she loses interest after the opening song so it seems like it’s the music and singing that appeals to her.
  • Being mischievous…getting into Guinness the dog’s food and water ranks high on her “fun activity list”.

  • Getting her diaper changed.
  • Since several days ago, Hanna Lu freaks out at sitting in her high chair. Sigh. So, I figure she’ll get over it soon enough and the compromise is that she sits in her green chair for meals.
  • The high chair fear has also included a dislike of her bath. Ssssiiiiighh. I can get her to get in a bit so that’s good enough and, again, I figure she’ll get over this.
  • Having things taken from her that she wants to hold onto and having an activity stopped before she wants it stopped – in other words, transitions are hard for this girl without some finessing, all of which I think is age-appropriate. Plus, with the recent visitors and travel, she's all out of sorts and I think that's normal.

There is so much going on here I might not be able to remember it all…:
  • Singing along to songs with words and “humming” with songs that have no words.
  • Saying “more” and signing “more” at the same time.
  • Different sounds for when she wants something, doesn’t want something, or is scared.
  • Being aware of when she’s being cute or funny and playing it up.
  • Very clear new words, though her permutations sound a bit different: outside, ball, dog, woof, beep-beep, binky, about {from the Hokey Pokey song}, Curious George, Guinness, toot-toot {from a song on her CD}…and there are more I’m sure.
  • There are many times, despite all of these new words, when Hanna can’t tell us exactly what she wants and that frustrates her to no end. Hopefully with the more words she learns the less frustration she’ll feel and hopefully we’ll get better at interpreting her sounds/words/motions.

  • Baby’s first swim lessons!
  • Another plane trip which isn’t new but now that she’s walking and much squirmier than before, this was kind of new.

Sleep and eat:
Kind of the same as last month!

  • Our daughter is hilarious and challenges us anew each and every day…we can’t get enough of this little nugget!


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