Friday, August 13, 2010

Just some more pictures...

***So something is making this picture putting up/internet thing not happy right now so this is to be added to later...gracias***

I'm sitting in Chicago's Union Station waiting for my train to Milwaukee and also wading through the molassis like internet connection (it's actually probably most likely yeah I think it is just my slow computer) to play the JUMBLE (hello, lover...). Yesterday was a great day in the windy (read: humid) city. I got in a run and sweated like a stuck pig in the process but it was great because I got to run along the lake. We just kind of hung out afterwards and I got to go to the Chicago Cultural Center, a beautiful building that quenched my architectural thirst and had several really cool exhibits. I shopped a bit and then my friend's friend took us out on a boat down the river last night which was super nice because it was warm and very very pretty.

Yums at Sunnyside =)

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Fun at Sunnyside =)

I have some more Tahoe shots and will hopefully get up some Chicago ones soon =) Also, let it be known that I smashed my left pinkie finger in a car door last night and it's throbbing and ugly and painful.


Lisa said...

Hi! Just stopping by to visit. Noticed that it's been a while since you've posted (i.e. since work started again). That's precisely why I make a terrible blogger. See you tomorrow! ;-)

Nathalia said...

haha I know, right? Well I've decided to try to be better at it, we'll see how it goes!

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