Sunday, October 3, 2010


Oh my, have I been remiss. I apparently decided to take off of blogging for about a month, unbeknownst to me. The school year hit me like a tidal wave that is still cresting, but it’s been great. My classes are good and I felt as though I was able to go into the school year with a good handle on planning, etc. I started some part time coaching soon into the school year which promptly zapped any free time that I had enjoyed, but that’s been good too.

We ended up having a great time in Chicago/Milwaukee. It was great to have time with my good friend and then M and I had an amazing time with our college friends.

I spent the last week or so of summer vacation buying pretty things for my classroom (pretty fabric to cover my corkboard, bright marker colors, etc.) and attending back to school meetings. My beginning of the year field trips went well (¡Gracias a Diós!) as was Back to School Night. The team and I and some faithful parents trekked up to Tahoe two weeks ago for an invitational meet and even though I was “working”, it was super nice to in Tahoe, if even for about a day.

I JUST saw a movie ad for “Secretariat” (I’m watching a USA marathon of Law & Order SVU since M s visiting his folks this weekend) and have decided that I MUST see it. I also want to see “The Social Network”. M and I have been subsisting on “Mad Men” (we’re on season three) and “Weeds” (Season two…old, I know, get over it) since we decided not to get cable whilst cohabitating with the Memaw so I’ve seen hardly any commercials so I have ni idea on what movies are out there. Have you seen any movies recently? Are there any that you want to see?

Speaking of things to see, I’ve been on a nasty book hiatus and I want it to STOP. I re-read “She’s Come Undone” by Wally Lamb as my last book. It is such a disturbing novel but has a beautiful story of redemption and I have read it several times. I keep meaning to start “Dead Until Dark” by Charlane Harris (it’s what “True Blood” is based on) so hopefully soon ☺

The weather has been crazy-dazy recently and we had a major heat wave this week. It’s since cooled down a bit and the days are beautiful and autumnal. Our street is lined with giant sycamore trees and the only downfall is the obscene amount of leaves that rain upon us every day. Amongst this picturesque backdrop my cousin J and my friend C ran the San Jose Rock and Roll Half Marathon this morning. It was a total blast. This was the second time that I’ve done it (last year with M and his fam = so much fun ♥) I love this race and there’s so much energy with bands at every mile and tons of people cheering. I wasn’t going to do it but my friend asked me and I figured that it would be a good tune-up before my big day!

Anyway, this was a great day and I’m really looking forward to M coming home tomorrow. I still have some grading left to do tonight (pooh-pooh) as well as major laundry, but I’m full and happy from my yummy dinner (home-made Greek quiche and copycats of two salads thanks to my friend C!) and the days have been beautiful so I guess I’ll be “ok”.

Hopefully I’ll be back sooner than last time! Happy beginning to your week ☺

A good family friend died last week unexpectedly and we’re attending his memorial service tomorrow; please think positive thoughts.


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