Sunday, November 7, 2010

Darn you Parade Magazine...

Do you read Parade Magazine? I'm definitely not ashamed to admit that I do like to read the Parade Magazine that faithfully arrives every Sunday if I can find it; the newspaper in my grandmother's house tends to grow legs and meander around, splitting up sections willy nilly and Parade happens to be a repeat offender. The whole "darning" of said magazine, though, refers to today's article that you can read here and cry your eyes out about like I did. It's about a young couple who recently got married but face quite a bit of heartache since the groom has been battling a very rare and agressive form of cancer. It just about shot me through the heart to read about this pair and how optimistic and in-love these two are, so mozy on over to that link and check it out and you just might realize, like I did, that the trials and tribulations that plague your days really aren't all that bad.

I must also confess that I've been very remiss again and decided not to post for more than a month. Well, I'm back and hopefully will be better about blogging. Since it's been work and life that has gotten in my way and I really do enjoy blogging and find that it helps me relax I'll hopefully be better about sticking to it since it brings some calm to a busy life! There are several things to catch up on, but I'd like to work in chronological order from the past; I've a bunch a pictures from my/our Chicago/Milwaukee trip that I'd like to post. I also want to catch up on the school year and how busily that goes. I also would like to catch up on just normal day-to-day biz-nass.

Anyway, that's about where things are. I'm going to post aforementioned information in upcoming individual posts so look forward dear readers!


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