Tuesday, March 22, 2011


The title of this post adequately sums up my feelings on the following:
  •        The business of work the past three weeks
  •        The glorious, glorious advent of Spring! Trees are starting to be green and some even have lots of leaves and blossoms ♥
Grades were due two weeks ago and it felt like one thing after another came up at work. Things are still pretty intense, actually, but I think that’s just part of the territory of March during the school year. Our spring break looms ahead, not for several weeks, but it’s still coming up thankfully. 

We had quite a bit of fun back at the old corral the past three weeks also. Mardi gras was celebrated, we had our Irish-American dinner, I saw Maeve(!), we sent out Save the Dates (yay!) and planned a bit more of the wedding. Spirit week happened at work/school, which made dressing professionally this morning pleasantly mundane.

The running has been kind of hit or miss, mostly hit recently though, which is nice. After a long run a few weeks ago on the embarcadero in San Francisco we ran right past Nancy Pelosi, which was quite a thrill. That same day we drove to and hiked at the Marin Headlands which was beautiful. 

Some students had these awesome nails so I asked about them and I got ddirected to Tar-jhay for purchasing and I'm loooooving them, though M says that they’re merely another example of how I’m more like an adolescent girl than someone my age…oh well I don’t care they’re fun yay yay yay!

I’m on the couch watching Seinfeld and hoping that M will make me two grilled cheese sandwiches with cheddar and a bit of mustard smeared on the bread, though I have a sneaky suspicion I will have to make that sammy myself. Speaking of, tomorrow is the guy’s birthday (Happy Birthday Sweetie!) and I’m so excited to take him out to Henry’s Hi-Life for dinner, the very same place I celebrated my birthday 4 years ago and he surprised me at. 

This has been quite the stream of consciousness and that’s ok with me. I’m pretty tired from seeing Maeve last night since I'm old and am not used to going out with people and fun stuff like that and I'm enjoying some un-structured time. I’ll have some pictures up soon from those parties and hiking. My computer, sadly, is slowing down quite a bit these days and uploading and then importing to photobucket takes forever, something I’m not entirely up to right now.

Anyhoo, happy almost middle of the week!



Maeve said...

I loved seeing you! and you are not old- I think everyone was a little tired!! Love you!

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