Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday, Monday

Well all of that grading didn’t happen as I had planned, but plenty of other things did. I had a lovely time doing some cleaning and reorganizing in our room. The big thing that had been niggling me was my jewelry; it has always kind of languished here and there, in boxes, in piles, in boxes, and so not pretty and organized. I had been meaning to do something about it all and had kind of thought I would go the jewelry hanger option, where you buy something specifically made to hang my jewelry on, but I didn’t particularly love that idea. Instead, I went with the corkboard route. I used one that had been housing just a few random pictures and cards. I sifted through my various boxes and put pieces I don’t wear into my goodwill bag and arranged the rest on the board. Earrings I just pushed in and everything else is hanging on a pin. I love it! This way I can see everything I have and instead of wearing just the two or three things that I always do, I can rotate through things; yay!

On Saturday night we went to that polenta feed that I had mentioned. The food was yummy and my cousin Gretchen brought luck- she won two club level tickets to the SF Giants! On Sunday I did that cleaning/organizing and some laundry and lounged around, then ran 3 miles in the reinstatement of my fitness. I was going quite well from early February but kind of fell off the wagon with the crummy weather that arrived almost two weeks ago and yesterday was a good start. I followed up with 5 more today and though I wanted to go to yoga, still felt really good after the run.

I gave into these cookies from a coworker’s daughters and they arrived in my cubicle this morning to tease me! I left them at work for the night since I had planned on making sugar cookie-Nutella sandwiches and those plus Samoas, Thin Mints, Do-Si-Dos…oh my…would be just too much sweetness in one night; though is that possible?! I already made the dough and will probably just whip them up ASAP, so stay tuned for pictures of only the finished product.

Also, my dad and I ventured down the block to an estate sale where I picked up a lovely addition to my apron and vintage cookbook collections, pictures to follow soon. I’ve never been a person to have collections, but just as I write this I realize that these are two things that I’ve been collecting here and there in the past few years…those and old pyrex! Well, maybe I am more of a “coleccionsta” than I had thought!

Anyway, we’re gonna have a late dinner and I need to finish those cookies (the dough is chilling in the fridge) so bon nuit!


Did y’all watch the academies last night? I am so not a fan of Anne Hathaway, which I’m sure is some sin or something, but oh well, I stand firm, but James Franco was dreamy! I’m so glad that “The King’s Speech” won Best Picture; it as such an uplifting and warm film and Colin Firth is cute-as-a-button. Happy Monday Night again!


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