Friday, February 25, 2011


This was my weekend last weekend and unfortunately it’s shaping up to be this weekend as well ;/ Oh well, such is the life of a teacher…
I’ve been keeping busy with grading piles like this one and trying to run (though not wanting to since it’s not sunny and beautiful out) and making lunch at night and laundry and dishes and some wedding planning and yeah, that might be it. I was thinking today about how nice it is to write out things at the end of the day and that I miss blogging so regularly but honestly, the school year and its schedule and flow just zap the life out of me; I can’t even imagine how people with kids do it!

M and I are on a plan to be ready for a half marathon in early May, but I’ve been quite naughty about giving into the warm couch after school instead of going out to run; and we live in the Bay Area- I obviously need to remember those cold Minnesota college days a bit more and realize that our weather ain’t no thang. The race is this and looks beautiful and fun. I think we’re going to do the Bay to Breakers later in May as well. I did it once in high school before I really liked running the way I do now and have wanted to do it for quite a while as a grown up. Plus, there are constantly rumors that it’s the last year and it’s getting too rowdy and etc. so I’d like to do it if there’s any truth to the rumors.

My grandmother is making bread pudding and there’s cinnamon in it so the whole house smells like Ikea (from their cinnamon buns) which reminds me that it’s been well over a year since my last visit and that it’s high time for another. M detests the Swedish superstore but my dear aunty loves it, so maybe in a few weeks we shall sojourn.

As it’s been alluded to, M and I are indeed tying the knot. It will happen in September and I’m getting more and more excited about the blessed day. I ordered the STDs (save-the-dates) yesterday and have actually had my dress since November. The months ahead will bring us quite a bit of planning, I fear, but this is a once in a lifetime experience and there’s no one else I’d rather share it with than my sweetie so I’m going to enjoy every minute up until…forever!

Love day was lovely. I wore a hot pink sweater and we ordered pizza (a big treat!) and watched the first night of Watson’s Jeopardy run which was kind of a disappointment. The first two days just had too many interruptions about how amazing Watson is and how he was made, etc., instead of good old Jeopardy questions. The third day was better though I certainly finished those episodes with a wary feeling of technology and a fear of machines being too smart.

We ate at my school’s annual crab feed since the last time I posted and it was dee-lish with melted butter on top. Per usual, we did not win the raffle, but much fun was had by all. Tomorrow night is another feed at a one of the Catholic Churches, but this time it’s polenta and it’s a smaller event so here’s to crossing those fingers for the raffle (we did win our tv here last year, but that was a TOTAL anomaly)! 

Late in January I completed another year of my life. It was a pretty and sunny day and we celebrated by having lunch at Gayle's (gorgonzola blue cheese mac & cheese: MAJOR YUM) and then my good ole (not in age, though) pops gave into my requests for his famous dry rub smoked ribs and it was SOOOO good. The evening was topped off with a purple princess cake from Gayle's and it was just a nice way to kick off a new and very special (cue wedding march) year. By the way, for those of you who think that a princess cake is something involved with Disney, please read here and here and know that it is actually European in lineage and yummy and great and has nothing to do with Ariel (not that she's my favorite princess or anything like that), though I have nothing against the Disney girls.



M and our friend E and I went on a neat hike to Alamere Falls in Bolinas to visit their waterfalls and then M took me on a different hike to see different waterfalls to celebrate my special day. More on that later. There is a nap to take and a Friday evening to enjoy.


Happy weekend!


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