Saturday, June 12, 2010

Minimal free time

Well, as the title implies, I do have minimal free time, but since I am in the middle of some, I've been compelled to begin a blog. I really don't have much interesting to say but I would like to have a way to chronicle my life and since technology is more and more perniciously pervasive in all that I do, perhaps this is the best venue.

A bit about me...I'm a twenty-something California girl who loves her life. I've got a fabulous and quirky family who keeps me going , a goofy looking bundle of love on four legs (el perrito), a tiring but great job teaching and a wonderful boyfriend (el novio) who very kindly loves and lives with me.

el novio (M) and I have been living together for almost a year and we've been together for over 4. It's been a great adventure together and I look forward to posting about our times together.

We're currently enjoying a lazy Saturday morning-turned-afternoon watching the US play England in South Africa (they're there, we're here, unfortunately). Who are you betting on taking the cake (cake=cup...cupcake?!)? M's leaning towards Brazil but I honestly have no clue so I'll go for Argentina since Colombia's not playing and I don't want to choose what M's thinking =)

We had some guests this week and gave them the pillow top of our mattress (which is just like a thinner mattress) to sleep on in our family room. The guests left two days ago but we're (all three of us) still enjoying our new "floor-bed". We have a run planned for later (we're each training for a marthon this fall, though a different one each; more on that later) and then some fun in the big city tonight.

Thanks for reading this and I look forward to much "bloggy" fun!


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