Tuesday, June 29, 2010


aka, tired. It's late for me, almost midnight. I was watching New Jersey housewives and now there's Bethanny Getting Married? on, which officially takes me down to some level at which I guess I'm "ok". I wanted to fix up my pictures for yesterdays post, which actually took a while, spacing and font, etc., but I'm kind of glad to be getting the knack of simple html and blogging stuff. Here are some pics of our tasty seafood taco and burrito dinner last night. The place is on Bascom Avenue and is technically a roach coach that's permanent, however,  it's some of the BEST food you will find in San Jose. I think that it's called "Día de Pesca" and it has these giant metal dinosaurs out front so it's not too hard to miss, so go and ¡disfruta!

we got "el borracho", no coincidence
we got "el borracho"/"the drunk" as our table id; nothing intended, I'm sure!

Jeff and Katie's lids
lids to Jeff and Katie's sodies.

my cucumber limonada
My cucumber-limonada. Such a yummy combination that I would not have thought of.

proud father
Jeff + a combination plate = a happy Jeff

chips and salsa, it's getting dark out
our chips and salsa as it got dark.

Today I gave my kids a work day and then moved many large items in my aunt's excursion (largest SUV ever created, no longer made, huge vehicle) to our storage unit. Muchas gracias to my hermano Thomas for helping me and putting up with my inane directions ("When I stop moving, you stop moving!" "No! Put your left hand on that side of the table...") (thanks Thomas!). We had the famous tortellini for dinner and settled in to watch trash tv with laundry going the whole time. Hopefully in the next day T and I can get almost all things into Memaw's house, clothes, dishes, etc., and then we can get the mattress over last, vacuum the place and move on up! Here are some of our belongings on their move, they enjoyed the ride since I drove considerately:


¡buenas noches!


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