Wednesday, June 16, 2010


***meant to be posted Monday night***
Well Monday has come and gone. I began my summer school class that I’m teaching today and it went pretty well. It’s a small class and it’s actually kind of an art appreciation class, which is a bit different from my usual Spanish teaching! This is only a three-week class and it’s only two hours long so even though I’m technically working/teaching, it’s so much more relaxed than the normal school year, so I’m pretty happy and looking forward to the summer ahead of us.

After yesterday’s 11-mile death march my three miles felt glorious today and then I made it to the Monday night yoga class at my gym. I started going to almost two years ago and I’m able to make the class intermittently. I’m always so happy when I go, even though the instructor I love teaches Monday night which makes for a long day. I started going on a whim because I was really enjoying stretching a lot and felt like it would be a good way to get in some stretching and try something different.

I do love the stretching and the breathing. I often find my mind wandering to mundane things like what groceries I need to pick up on the way home (exactly what you’re not supposed to do) but I think I still get some benefit!

I actually took a class in college but to be completely honest, I found the instructor creepy so this has been a great experience. The sweet girl who leads the class is so nice and always starts off the class slowly, with just breathing exercises and small movements. She’s had substitutes before and I feel so bratty about it but I’ve left their class because they just jump right into the more active moves without any warm up. My girl also gives this continual affirmation throughout the class, telling us the honor our bodies, thank our selves for coming, to listen to our bodies and our physical limitations. It might sound a bit new-agey and out-there, but I totally eat it up. I’ve even gotten M to come with me and despite all that, it was a good experience!

***spoiler alert***


M and one of his coworkers/our friend had to work late and came home in time for our weekly Really Housewives of New Jersey dinner date…I can’t believe that Dina is leaving!!! I closely followed the (can’t you just feel my shame?) Atlanta girls and I’m pretty excited to have season II of New Jersey, though I think it’s pretty funny how the entire premise of the show seems to be the whole cast sitting around and pooh-poohing Danielle and how crazy she is. I’ve never gotten into Orange County or New York; do you watch a Real Housewives series?

I also made us some yummy tortellini and steamed broccoli for din-din, as you can see. I add flax seeds to the broccoli.

I’m not quite sure if we still get the good stuff from them since I’ve heard that they need to be crushed in order to release the nutrients, but they do add a nice nutty flavor to the broccoli. I also add a bit of this Greek seasoning to the water that imparts a lovely bit of calorie-free flavoring.
Yummy with many things!

The tortellini is an “easy-sloppy” meal from Costco, but they’re tasty and we love them.
Half of the two-pack you can buy.

At the begining...

"I'll help too..."

My pot runneth over!

M always adds copious pepper and shredded Parmesan with a few splashes of olive oil which makes them delish, though if it were up to me I’d squeeze in some lemon and a spoonful of capers (I love lemon and capers on almost anything). Anyway, that was our good dinner with Tofutti Cuties for dessert, which along with the Jersey girls and good company made for a great evening so…off to bed =)


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