Sunday, June 13, 2010

Raspberry Beret or Billie Jean?

Who would you choose? As you can see by our pins, we're Michael all the way!! Last night we went to a party in the big city that was at a club and the djs played only Michael Jackson and Prince songs. Check out the event here !Everyone got a pin according to who they favor and it was a great time all around. It always astounds me how much more with it everyone in the city seems, even if they're totally not. Where we live is actually a bigger city, geographically and population-wise, but it feels a lot different. Anyway, lots of fun was had and we headed home at around 1 am, thought the party was slated to continue until the un-godly hour of 4 am.

Germany is currently slaughtering Australia, or the "soccer-roos" as they're called (how cute is that?!) and I'm trying to motivate myself for a long run. My legs have felt downright life-less the past few days and I suppose dancing the night away didn't help, but it was worth it. Also, before the dj showdown we were invited to dinner at M's coworker's mother's place in the city and her whole family was sooo sweet and welcoming to us! We had a yummy dinner, good company and lots of fun just hanging out before hand. It was quite warm in the whole area yesterday, even in the normally chilly city, which was OK by me, considering my love of all climates warm and sultry.

Anyway, enough of this randomness; enjoy the beautiful weekend as we slog through our long run but enjoy a couple of fun parties afterwards!


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