Wednesday, April 20, 2011


What my grandmother and I may or may not be doing in the next few days:

This...naturally dyed Easter eggs
♥ and This...herb stenciled Easter cool is that??
This is what I would like to do:
♥ Attempt making Hot Cross Buns via this recipe: Hot Cross Buns!
♥ and maybe her (the Pioneer Woman) Greek Salad recipe too since it looks too yummy to not.
***Sub-note/question/digression: which weekend will Saint Nicholas in San Jose have its Greek Festival? I wait allllllll yeeeeaaaaaarrr looooong for their delectable grilled lamb with lemon, pastitsio, loukoumades, and moussaka (I'm salivating) and when it comes down to the last two months, I need to know the actual dates so that I can stretch out my stomach count down. Unfortunately their website either doesn't mention the dates or is very cleverly hiding them so as to ward off over eaters like myself. I think that it's usually Memorial Day weekend, but I need to be sure***
This is what I may or may not be doing in the next few days, with no help mind you:
♠ Lots and lots  of grading
♠ Lots and lots of laundry
Over and out y'all!


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