Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My how she gets ahead of herself...


This is what I'm reading right now...but really, you should take note of the stack behind the book. I ventured over to the library today. It was the most productive part of my day. Running close to 15 miles in the past two days and over an hour of yoga last night apparently took a toll on me so I was pretty pooped today. I enjoyed the crosswords and chatted with Mr. M's dad (Hi!) and decided it was time to break out the bike for the first time this year. The tires were still nicely inflated and after a winter in the garage ms ruby (my bike from M ☺) needed only a quick wipe down from a towel.  The sun was out and it was warm and beautiful out, so the bike ride was very pleasant.

What I mean by getting ahead of myself (see: Post Title) is that when I get to the library I get so excited about what there is. Even though this is just spring break for me, since it's so late in the season it's feeling a bit too much like summer. Consequently, I checked out more than I could possibly get in this week, but it just felt soooo good. I usually check out a nice stack to kick off summer for me and I just couldn't help myself today.

The main book, the one that I'm starting with, is a book I saw a coworker reading about Mary Winchester. If you grew up in the bay area then you know about the Winchester Mystery House. If not, then just clock on the linked name of the house in the last sentence. My good friend and I growing up were terrified by it but fascinated at the same time (at least I was!). Anyway, once I saw the book I decided that I must che andck it out and so far it's pretty interesting and informative, though please don't worry, I won't give a blow-by-blow account, I'll leave it to you.

I also checked out this book:
which is all about "one pot" meals for two to six that you can make in a Dutch oven in about an hour; how cool is that? You layer your veggies and grains and proteins in a certain way and cooking them in a Dutch oven does the magic that cooks it all up perfectly...recipe fun! You can read more about it HERE. Confession: I'd already checkout out this book several months back but never took note of any recipes and ended up turning it in late; fail there, but this time will be different!

Anyway, another relaxing day of break has passed and I think that tomorrow might have to bring some actual work doing (cringe!)...nighty night =)

xoxo, natty ♥

Post Script: YUM!


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