Monday, September 16, 2013


Oh what a wonderful weekend it was! Have I mentioned that?

Other good things?

1. We're not traveling anywhere this weekend which is nice. It has been so much fun to be camping and visiting with friends but all this moving around in the first month of school has taken a toll on me and my grading so this will be a nice respite.

2. Last mention, I swear; I had an AMAZING time visiting with beloved friends this weekend. They are such special people and I feel undeserving sometimes because I just got so lucky to be their pal.

3. One of my mums from last night perked up; yippee! Now I'm just waiting on the yellow one.

4. My dear husband is taking care of the dishes. I love him so.

5. The weather is so pleasant this week; cool and autumn-like. I'm still a girl who loves to be warm but I'll be honest; DC summers are GROSS and this is refreshing.

I hope you're doing well this week Dear Reader, wherever you are!
xoxo, natty ❤


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