Thursday, September 5, 2013

Oh happy.

This week has been getting me down & out {it's super busy} and next week will be exactly the same way up through Wednesday. I forget how busy the start of the school year can be and it's especially so when one's at a new school and using a new text book; it gives me a new found appreciation for all of those brand-new teachers out there - I had forgotten what this new stuff feels like!

So I was feeling sorry for myself this afternoon and really need to look on the bright side a bit so here's some Marvelous Thursday for me.

1. A delayed usage of wedding gift cards brought us this beauty in the mail this afternoon.
It's a cool aqua color called "Ocean" and I'm feeling warm and cozy just thinking about what can be whipped up with this thing.

2. I have amazing and loving family and friends.

3. I have a job!

4. There's a goofy little dog that lives with us.

5. Tomorrow's Friday.

I could go on with this list which is reflective of just how little I have to legitimately feel bummed about.

On that note, #6, Law & Order and couch time awaits.

xoxo, natty ❤


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