Monday, October 14, 2013


My dad and I had a wonderful time today while we explored Baltimore.
And numbers 1 through 5 could be all about how much I loved Soogie.

1. I ♥ Soogie! We visited the Historic Ships of Baltimore maritime museum {really coo and well worth admissionl!} in Baltimore's harbor and on on of the old ships {and old lightship to be exact [a lighthouse on a ship]} there was a mini exhibit on dogs in the Navy/Coast Guard and on U.S. ships. We learned briefly about Soogie's illustrious career and then on the last ship of the museum tour {a huge Coast Guard ship that had been near Pearl Harbor [amongst many things]} there was an interactive aspect where one is able to follow the paw prints on the ground to find Soogie's favorite parts of the ship. In each favorite spot there was a stamp. I missed the first two stamps but thoroughly enjoyed learning about Soogie.

2. The day was beautiful and my dad were so happy to be romping around together.

3. The whole weekend with my pops was a success; yea!!!

4. We had crabcakes at the Lexington Market in Baltimore; yum!

5. We also enjoyed a delicious soul food-inspired dinner at Eatonville.

All in all, this was a truly marvelous day and I'm grateful for my dad's time here with us.

Here's to his safe return to California tomorrow. 
xoxo, natty ♥


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