Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Eight weeks.

It's HOT here today! I don't remember summer coming this early last year but thankfully it's supposed to cool a bit later this week so we can comfortably get in our walks. And as for that baby...
  •  gets her shots later today...mom's a bit worried and hopes it doesn't make for a sad baby and a really looooooong night ahead of us
  • coos and squawks and makes all sorts of wonderful sounds
  • LOVES our ceiling fan; she gives it the biggest smile, one she reserves only for that twirly friend
  • may cry when being put into the baby carrier/wrap but usually falls asleep in it...in the "Ergo" she stares and stares at everything around her and her favorite thing to look at is leaves and trees
  • has been to the mall a few times
  • gave her mom a wonderful first Mother's Day full of smiles, bagels, and good times 
  • went to Annapolis and walked around {she rode in the stroller, her parents did the walking} 
  • sometimes likes a pacifier
  • smiles and giggles in her sleep sometimes, and when she's eating {adorable}
  • has her first airline reservation
  • has no idea that she'll be seeing grandma and grandpa again this weekend {in town for Michael's graduation}, that she'll be meeting even more Arizona family next weekend when the rest of the crew comes in for the big day, and that she'll actually be going to the southwest AND California at the end of the month...what a busy girl!  
xoxo, natty ♥


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