Saturday, May 24, 2014

Green trees and hills.

We had a wonderful first day here today. We're staying in a cabin about 30 minutes out of the national park {Shenandoah} and it's gorgeous. After a leisurely morning we drove in for a hike. 

The park is 100 miles north-south and the main road that drives through it is built on a ridge so that the trails that go off the main road all seem to go downhill. Which means we get to go uphill on out way back. I actually find the downhill harder {"oh my aching knees and calves!" say the new mom who hasn't really exercised since last August} than the uphill but no matter which direction is more painful, a nice flat trail would be nice.

But I'm not complaining by any means! The hike was beautiful and we saw some waterfalls at the end. Hanna Lu slept her way through her first hike which was OK since she'llhave plenty more in the years ahead.

An Italian potluck feast for dinner, some time in the hot tub and around the fire , and s'mores made for a lovely end of the day.

Here's to the rest of our time here being just as enjoyable!
xoxo, natty 


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