Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Seven weeks.

The leaves outside are green and growing and so is our little girl, minus the "green" part!
More going-ons:
  • taking a bottle...woo hoo!
  • smiling and cooing and making other glorious sounds!
  • using cloth diapers which explains her very bulky {but cute} midsection in the above picture.
  • leg kicking and arm flailing is a favorite activity.
  • enjoys her bath times...they're in the sink and she gets so shivery when we take her out; those quivery lips are wonderfully adorable but a bit pathetic too.
  • sleeps well on people still.
  • is getting better at being "worn" in both her wrap and a more structured baby carrier.
  • got a used swing and has enjoyed {slept in} it a bit for quick naps but doesn't seem to be into much more with it.
  • is gassy! Poor thing, you can feel and hear her tummy rumbling!
  • is growing a bit more hair although she does have a couple of bald spots on the front sides of her head. 
  • is our wonderful beautiful baby.
xoxo, natty ♥


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