Sunday, May 18, 2014

Two months.

We are barreling straight into summer as if there weren't a gorgeous baby doing new things every day! Let's see what exactly...
How oldtwo months old

Weight12 pounds, approximately. 

  • The ceiling fan! She gives the biggest smile she's capable of for the good 'ol fan. Mommy's a bit jealous.
  • Trees; she loves looking at them through the window and when we go outside.
  • Her baby pillow {just a pillow meant for babies to lounge on; not a purchase I would condone but it was a gift and she loves does our dog when there's not a baby on it} and her playmat; she can sit and make very cute happy squawky sounds for a while in/on these two things.
  • Being bounced in our arms on our yoga ball; our cores are getting a good workout these days.
  • Sucking on her seems as though the thumb might find it's way in there but for now, with her coordination, it's almost the whole fist.
  • Being left alone for too long; she's good on the mat/pillow for a while but she lets you know when she's done
  • Being encouraged to finish eating when she's done
  • Falling asleep on her own...this will change, we really hope

  • Two month shots...what a sad baby!
  • Hanna Lu has rolled over several times from her tummy to her back
  • She "talks" to us!
  • Lots of smiling...we love each one
  • She has met all of her grandparents and many of our DC friends

Sleep and eat:
  • Hanna will nap during the day really well when being held or worn and for between one and 20 minutes if we lay her down...hopefully this improves
  • We can usually get a three to five hour stretch of sleep, while she's down, at the beginning of the night {which can be between 9:30 and midnight for her} and then she'll sleep on and off until between eight and ten AM as long as she's on me...another thing we'd like to see change
  • Hanna Lu's eating is sporadic; she takes a bottle now {yippee!} but from me or a bottle she might only want an ounce or maybe more...she eats best when drowsy

Miscellaneous: There's so much going on in Hanna's next month! Her dad's graduation {YEA!}, trips to Shenandoah with family, California, and Arizona, as well as meeting lots of new and wonderful people; what a lucky girl! And so are we to have our beautiful little girl.


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