Tuesday, June 10, 2014

12 weeks.

We're in the middle of a few very warm days here, but nothing compared to what we had in Arizona last week and with nowhere near the humidity we're missing out on in DC so we're not complaining! 

Let's see what else we're doing this week...
  • More and more frequent giggling; ADORABLE!
  • HL "met" the California redwoods yesterday on a hike with our friend Eddie...she loved looking up at the greenery even though it was sweltering {mama kept wetting her down to try and keep her cool}.
  • We've discovered our legs and feet and toes...and getting them into our mouth is a wonderful thing!
  • Some attempts at grasping at things in a deliberate manner...such jerky movements still!
  • We went to our first restaurant; we had Indian food at our favorite restaurant tonight. The proprietor, such a kind man, offered to hold the babe while I ate and this scruffy man did a great job with our little one! And said little one did quite splendidly...she was giggly and cooing in her car seat for a while, good in my arms/on my lap for a bit, and then our friend carried her around for the rest of the time.
  • Hanna Lu visited my old school and workplace; what a joy to introduce her to my friends and be back at one of my favorite places.
  • Swimming happened two more times.
  • Hanna Lu met a lot of neighbors both at my grandmother's house and my father's...so much fun!

I'm sure there's plenty more that's happened in this baby's life the past seven days but this feels good for now; what a California cutie!!
xoxo, natty ♥


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