Monday, June 9, 2014

A meeting.

Woah there went the temperature again today...toasty and just the way I like it unless I'm trying I keep a small baby cool. But we did some good thing; read on!

1. Hanna Lu met California's great redwood trees for the first time. We went with our good friend Eddie for a little hike/walk that was warmer than I had even thought. But the babe loved the trees {she honestly appreciated a good green canopy} and I cooled her down with a wet washcloth each time we passed a fountain. It's a beautiful regional park in the Oakland hills that we explored and I highly recommend it if you're in the Bay Area looking for an easy nature fix.

2. Monday crossowor! But I just haven't gotten to it yet; something to look forward to!

3. More time in California; yippee! We're here until well into next week.

4. And more travel this summer to look forward to; Eddie and I were talking about a wedding we're all going to in Wisconsin in August. It's not exactly iceland like last summer but I'm pretty pleased with our plans.

5. Great dads all around; as Father's Day approaches I'm very grateful, as always, for my own papa and the one that my dear husband has now turned into.

What's good where you're at folks?
xoxo, natty


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