Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Three months.

Oh they weren’t lying when they said it would get better!! Life has been so amazing and such a turn-around from the first six weeks of Hanna Lu’s life. We’ve actually soent the past month no really in DC but with family in Shenandoah, VA, and home in San Jose, CA, and we’ll spend the rest of the month with family in Pheonix. It’s been SO nice to have people around and to have our daughter meet and get to know and enjoy her family. The baby is so much more interactive than before and she’s just so darn cute. Let’s look at what three months is like.
How old: three months

Weight: hmmmm…we haven’t visited the pediatrician in a long while so my guess is somewhere between 13 and 14 pounds. She’s still not a big weight gainer but the ounces do creep on, just slowly.

·      Eating…she’s much better. Hanna Lu will still be fussy sometimes but this situation is much better than it had been.
·      “Talking”, cooing, squawking, giggling, and making all sorts of sounds with people.
·      Grabbing and sucking on her feet.
·      Grabbing and sucking on her hands; she’ll grip each hand with the other.
·      Being naked.
·      Baths; we got to use a real baby bath here in California {as opposed to the sponge mat we put in the sink at home} and she LOVES it.
·      Being outside.
·      Sucking on toys…she has some soft toys we brought with us and she enjoys gnawing on these.
·      “Sitting”; she enjoys being pulled up into a sitting position and has some pretty good neck control as of the last week or so.
·      Grabbing onto toys; she just started this in the past two weeks and even though her movements are very zombie-like, she’s definitely reaching for things.
·      Swimming; the babe has gone several times and will hopefully go more in the next two weeks while we’re in Arizona.

·      Being in the car! She cries and cries unless she’s just tired enough to fall asleep.
·      Tummy time, though she’s getting to be more tolerant of this.

·      So many new people! Hanna Lu met a ton of family this month.
·      Air travel; the dear child experienced three take-offs and has three more before we get back to DC.
·      Grabbing for things.
·      Sleeping in a real crib.

Sleep and eat:
·      She’s less fussy when she eats.
·      Hanna Lu eats anywhere between every hour to three hours; if she seems fussy/hungry she gets a snack.
·      The bedtime is very late, in my opinion {between nine and 11 – and it stayed that even after we got to the west coast time zone which makes me worry for when we go back east; will she not adjust and be wanting to go to sleep between 12 and two AM?!}.
·      Hanna Lu has recently {since we got back here} been able to fall asleep pretty quickly if she’s swaddled, nursed, and rocked in a rocking chair simultaneously. This is a huge change from back home where she wouldn’t nurse and it took extensive bouncing and walking around to get those eyes to close.
·      Staying asleep is another question. At night, she usually wakes up about an hour after going down {boo} which I think can be attributed to not enough sleep – every infant sleep issue seems to be caused by inadequate sleep.
·      After that first wake-up {or two}, the babe will go down in her crib/bassinet for a two to four hour stretch…there had been a five and six hour one when she was younger but not since. She eats and then goes back down in her crib/bassinet for another two hours. We then repeat the process but in our bed and she’ll snack/sleep on and off until we get up between eight and ten AM. We need to get on a better schedule for when I go back to work but I still have two solid months to get there so I’ll not worry about that right now!

·      Michael and I are wanting to sleep train this kiddo but need to choose some techniques, wait a bit since she’s not old enough, and build up the fortitude and patience…wish us luck.
·      We’re so excited to have another two months together before work; we’re so lucky {& poor!} to have been able to pull this off!

xoxo, natty ♥


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