Thursday, July 1, 2010

Movin' on up

Well we have officially moved. After a broken fingernail, flat tire, sore arms, chipped pedicure, and lots of sweaty lifting and driving, all of our belongings are back in my grandmother's house or our storage unit, however it's very very unorganized. Our goal was to get it all out of the apartment by today and then spend the next week or so putting it all back together at memaw's house and into storage. I would say that the hardest part is over, thank goodness, considering that we had a deadline, and even though the rest of the organizing/moving won't be loads of fun, it's just not the same as clearing out everything from an apartment with a time limit. Needless to say, there will be a garage sale next weekend, please come on by to memaw's if you want to add anything and possibly make a few bucks, I'll be making cookies and lemonade to sell also!

Our friends are miraculously still with us after all of our moving shenanigans. They had gone to San Francisco to visit with another pal and his wife so we picked them up at the train station after we turned in our keys and got the last of our stuff smashed into my grandmother's house and then we went out for pupusas to celebrate their Peace Corps experience meshed with local eating experiences. The pupusas were soooo good and actually better than the ones that I had with some other Peace Corps friends a few weeks ago (will post about that visit later!). We decided to get a hotel room for this night since our friends return to their home  and we officially go back to grandma's house tomorrow and our rooms there are full to the hilt. Here are some shots of the yumminess tonight. We're watching the Daily Show and figuring out the morning plans, which involve tie-dying for me! I'm pretty exhausted but there's still all that organizing to do and my aunt and I are going to make a float for the neighborhood fourth of July parade (it's going to involve many stuffed animals swathed in red, white and blue...we also have sequin body tatoos; you know you're jealous!) which I'm pretty excited for, but bed will still feel grooooood tonight. Enjoy the pics =)

Vicki's rerstaurant on West San Carlos
Vicki's restaurant, ready for goodness!

Exhausted after three solid days of moving
Exhausted after three days of moving =)


Yummy pupusas!

Salvadorian beer
Salvadorian beer, well deserved after a long day!

fresh jalapeños for Katie
Fresh jalapeños for Katie.

Chilate con Nuegados; yummy fried plåtanos in a syrup and draped over a fried donut thing, drunk with atol
Chilate con nuegados: yummy fried plátanos in a syrup and draped over a fried piece of happiness, to be drunk with atol = ¡qué delicioso!

Good night all and happy month of Independence!


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