Sunday, July 4, 2010

fish burrito

It's been a good and lazy weekend so far. M watched soccer today and I slept and cleaned and got a good pile going for the garage sale. The organizing seemed/seems so daunting but so much gets done so quickly that I just know that I'll be done soon enough. It's also important for me to realize that I do not need to/cannot finish it all at one time; the more I can remember that, the better off I am. We didn't do a whole lot else today. We stocked up for tomorrow's festivities; the whole family and some of our friends are going to (***nerd alert***) the San Jose History Museum where they open up their grill and everyone brings picnic goods. There are fireworks to see too which is nice since it's away from the maddening crowd. My pops is making lamb, we're bringing brats and everyone's bringing sides, etc.; it should be yummy and to follow I'm sure.

La abuela treated us to fish tacos tonight and I actually chose a tilapia burrito (M's choice last time and grudgingly I admit that he won) and mandarin fresco = delish. Here's our table card from tonight:

We're watching "Legends of the Fall" right now and mentally gearing up for tomorrow morning's long run; we've been pretty negligent about running the past few days which I wholeheartedly support considering recent activities. There's also a neighborhood parade (which M thinks is hilarious) in the am which I'm trying to make by running early. I've got some good glitter body tatoos and my tie-dyed dress to show my pride = I'm excited!



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