Friday, July 9, 2010

Why I'm late

***This was meant to be posted yesterday!! Just pretend like it's yesterday when you read this =) ***

I got my hair done today, which was exciting since I feel as though I was seeing too many white hairs. I went a bit light for summer and because it's fun. I got to the salon early, which, believe it or not, felt GREAT to me and is what I actually aspire to. If you know me, you know that I can often run a bit late to things. It's not that I'm being passive-aggressively late on purpose, rather I just can't seem to figure out how much time I actually need to do what I want in order to get ready.

Also, there might be a slight concern of being the first person somewhere and not knowing to do with myself, though I'm no longer an awkward 14 year old so maybe I should just face that fear. Or, its actually all my family's fault anyway. So, much to my chagrin my promptness today was most definitely UNVALIDATED when 15 minutes early I was told to go buy a coffee or something and come back on time. Isn't it better to be early rather than on time?!?! I tried at least but without positive reinforcement from those around me (acquaintances or otherwise) I just can't get better.

Last night Audrey and I met up for some much needed catching up at a wine bar on the Alameda which was quite fun despite the oddly somber demeanor of our waiter/wine guy. I'm talking Lurch from the Adams Family level of energy and enthusiasm in this guy! We each had a flight of whites (Chardonnay for A and three different types for me) and then a yummy glass of one of my whites. We hadn't been able to actually see each other's face in person for far too long with all the craziness of life recently so it was SUPER nice to sit on the sidewalk, sip vino and chat.

Photobucket Photobucket
Our "flights"; yum-yum!

I also went to finally finish the tire work yesterday at Eastridge and got in some (un-necessary) shopping while waiting. Though I was able to get birthday presents for both of my parents; their birthdays are a week apart and I forgot to mention ¡feliz cumpleaños! to my great mom on Monday...happy birthday Mama! We went to the Sonoma Chicken Coop for her celebration dinner last night and had a lovely time =) My mother is such a strong person who works soooo hard and I hope that she had a great birthday!

The necklace I gave mama for her day. The circles each say a different word and for her I chose: Mother, Spirit, Friend and Courage; they all describe her.

At Eastridge I was able to go to Daiso (read about it here), the fun Japanese dollar store, and browsed. I didn't end up buying anything there but took some interesting phone pictures of various products available in the store.
Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket 
Frilly washcloth/dress? Two headed "toi" poodle.
Photobucket Photobucket
Everyone needs a party gown.
Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket
...and we all need party wigs too.

Speaking of her, it's Wednesday night and that means frijoles con mamá which I'm pretty stoked for. She apparently liked my salsa that she tried on the fourth so
I'm taking the rest with me tonight. M and I are hopefully going to go and buy a water cooler at the Home Depot tonight. I guess that we could be less snooty about drinking tap water but it just tastes so chlorinated and we both drink enough water that we're constantly refilling the Brita so we decided that the big bottles with a cooler is the way to go. Memaw used to have an Alhambra one but recently phased it out and I looked into getting the service again but just buying the cooler and filling up at the grocery store seems more economical so that's the way to go; I'm very excited for water = me in a few words.

Before dinner though, I'm planning on doing one more thing. Memaw and I are going to go and buy a straw bale or two to attempt some late season straw bale gardening! It looks so neat and I missed out on planting in the spring so I'm excited to get a summer planting opportunity; are there any suggestions for things to plant this late? What is straw bale gardening, you might ask? Check it out here!

That's enough for now, over and out!

***Now it's today***

Oh boy how I cleaned today! I cleaned and cleaned and took my running day off today. I just keep taking out more and more things for our garage sale, I only hope that people actually show up ha! We got our water cooler last night, it's pretty great, I think, seeing as how we haven't even set it up yet, but I think it's great. The plan is to go and get a five gallon bottle from the Home Depot and then just refill accordingly at the Safeway when necessary...drink up us!

I showered after cleaning and went to pick up M from work and then we had Chicken Masala (sweet, sweet goodness) and New Indian Cuisine on Willow, across from Flower Flour (Flour Flower?) followed up by frozen custard = delish! M's following the LeBron circus on ESPN right now...actually he's asleep on the couch and Sportscenter is on; that counts as "following", right?

Today was kind of a nothing day and I'm planning the same for tomorrow, though Thomas and I are going to lunch together (In 'n Out...what what!) and then getting ready for Saturday morning. As a reward for all of this moving/cleaning/organizing/garage sale-ing

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Animal hi jinks.



Kathy said...

where did you find frozen custard? I love frozen custard!

Nathalia said...

Willow Glen Frozen Yogurt! In vanilla aaaand chocolate =)

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