Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Addendum to Mother's Day...

My lovely auntie Jeanne hosted a mother's day brunch and I told her I would post the pictures so that she could steal them...what a pretty spread!!! Thanks Jeanne, it was great ♥
How CUTE are those cans full of utensils??!!??

Mike's mom was here too, adding to our celebration. His folks came for a few reasons, mostly just to visit and hang out but also to take care of some wedding things before summer is upon us and all h*e*double-hockey-stick breaks loose (read: the wedding gets closer and closer and there are more things to do; albeit things we're so happy and excited for!). We had a blast sampling food everywhere from a downtown San Jose food truck gathering (click HERE for information on the next one...) to a Oaxaca style restaurant. It was a great weekend that culminated with Mike's work's major spring event. Said evening focused on student speaker's in Mr. Mike's program and they were wonderful and inspirational; a great reminder of what there is to be grateful for and also of how resilient people are.

I have about three more posts that I need to get out, maybe later tonight (I am aware that more than one post in one day ain't a good thang, but I gotta do what I can yo) or possibly later this week. The major grading starts to pile up tomorrow and it's all said and done by June 7th, so here we go for the final push...wish us luck!!
xoxo, natty ♥


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