Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I suppose I should be grateful...

for longer days...but (that's a big 'but'), it's so dang un-spring-like here! It's been in the 50s and low 60s and windy, rainy and cloudy; boo! However, it is still getting lighter and lighter every night, which I adore, and those skies are just gorgeous, if you ask me. 
Pretty skies!
Wisteria and gray sky...
Front yard sycamore trees from the back yard.
We grilled a bit tonight, veggies and sausage. My new best friend is this:

Mr. Mikey got it for his birthday from his parents (thanks!) and this is some quality lemon pepper, not just the stuff from Safeway. I've been putting it on everything, but it's best on grilled asparagus that's been covered in some olive oil...delish! 

I've been enjoying this glass that I bought a few months ago. 

I ♥ garage sales/Goodwill/Salvation Army/etc. and, thanks to the eyes of my aunts and grandmother, I can always find something (that I think is) good. As mentioned, I've been loving on this hilarious glass. It speaks to the part of me who wishes she were alive in the 70s and could have a paneled romper room or den with shag carpet (& a rake for it). Alas, I live my dreams through thrifting. It's not all vicarious past living, though, it's surprising how much Banana Republic and better stuff I can find, though it's more often the funky home decor...
In that same vein, the next post will showcase a few things (mind you, showcase is a bit too fancy a word for this type of thing, but oh well) that I picked up last week. Most of that haul is, as of now, meant to go towards wedding decorations, but one never knows where life takes us. 
I will leave you with one picture of a rummage sale find. I often pick up a stuffie (stuffed animal) that doesn't look too cute or quality, one that is maybe a bit tired and costs no more than $1; it will go to the dog since he just loves ripping them up. I try to pick ones that don't make me feel too bad about letting them be destroyed and this one spoke to me. It was some promotional gig for a nasal spray company.
Don't mind Mike playing soccer with the dog...or the recycling can...
It is was a nose.
xoxo, natty ♥


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