Tuesday, May 31, 2011


is hitting me full force. Oh well, it's to be suspected. The result is that I'm fretting about how crummy the weather is:
I could just cry; I'm SO ready for warmth and the blasted winds to cease and desist. On a lighter note, I'm also SO excited for my wedding ♥ There was a lovely shower for me at work today - thanks very very much! - and we're slogging through the details and will hopefully get most things squared away by the time I leave for Costa Rica...I'm chaperoning a school trip at the end of July and go straight to Tahoe when I get back and then have about a week until school stuff revs up again so everything really just needs to be done before then.

Anyway, Mr. Mikey and his brother are trekking through Machu Picchu whilest I do things I detest (grading...laundry...being alone) so I at least have plenty of personal time to do said things.

Back to the grind stone.

xoxo, natty ♥

I just looked up how to take a screen shot of my hello-phone and I like that!

Their church website FINALLY posted information on me beloved Greek Festival. It's this weekend...OPA! Check it out HERE and print free entry coupons and go forth with strong appetites. Don't let the weather gods scare you away, go bundled up and bring some $$$ for the food. Did I mention how good the food is? Greek food isn't super intimidating, in case you're concerned, there's some pretty delish mild stuff for folks who swing that way. By the by, this is not an endorsement, they know not of who I am, but a vociferous devotee. That's all, folks.


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