Tuesday, December 2, 2014

37 weeks!

Hello December!!! After her first Thanksgiving let's see what's up for this baby.
Right before she whipped on to her hands and knees to crawl away.

  • Is being a total GOOFBALL...especially if she's tired like she was tonight. She will not stay on her back or sitting if she wants to get to something. Today's pictures were a challenge.
  • Is pulling herself up on everything and is even trying to stand up by herself without even holding on to anything.
  • Is giving slobbery open mouthed kisses; so adorable!
  • Will maybe do a high five if she's prompted.
  • Still thinks that Guinness the dog is hilarious.
  • Is determined when she wants something, like to climb up on our bookshelf. 
  • Is a big fan of her baby food still, especially if it's mixed with oatmeal. I sure hope she gets into real food eventually but she's just so slow with it.
  • Is sleeping pretty OK at night, waking once for a snack though I think it's time to phase that out.
  • Needs to have a nine-month appointment...her mother needs to get onto scheduling this!
  • Will "cruise" (walk while holding onto anything) after pulling herself up on things...this is adorable but this child is so mobile and into everything and we need to get some baby containment going on in our home to give Hanna's parents a bit of piece.
  • Is babbling a ton and this week has been loving on shouting out "dadadadada...ah DAH ah DAH".

She was flipping over immediately after being placed on her back and Guinness was curious about all the movement.
xoxo, natty ♥


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