Tuesday, December 23, 2014

40 weeks.

What a wonderful few days we’ve been having here in Arizona…so what else is happening??
Face FILTHY from her dinner earlier.
  • Hanna Lu had her first Christmas; we celebrated early here since we’re flying to California on the holiday. This baby thoroughly enjoyed the unwrapping at the beginning but after she ripped off a piece of two of paper, she got too excited and distracted to go any further. Nonetheless, she has loved her new toys and has played with them each day since.
  • Has met some new Arizona friends and has been a very good sport about the few late nights we’ve subjected her to.
  • Will celebrate her first actual Christmas Eve tomorrow night with her father’s side of the family; this includes cheeseburgers and potato chips, though her menu might be a bit different.
  • Flew for the whatever-th time and did quite well considering it all but was very squirmy and had a hard time falling asleep {& staying asleep} but she was truly a good baby, as she always is.
  • Has let us know that she prefers to drink anything out of a cup; apparently our baby has always just wanted to be treated as an adult?!?!
  • Wore a part dress for the first time, last night and today with Santa; trés cute!
  • Wore shoes for the first time last night and then again today {with her fancy clothes}; she was so confused!
  • Started clapping this past Saturday; “yea!!!!”…and just tonight we got her to clap when we sing “If you’re happy and you know it…”; she waits until the end to clap.
  • Met Santa this afternoon and though she didn’t cry, she didn’t smile.
  • LOVES this jumpy thing our Arizona friends let us borrow while we’re here and it’s very funny to watch her go up and down.


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