Thursday, December 18, 2014

Nine months.

There’s a lot coming up in the next two weeks so let’s see how the past month went…
How old: nine months

Weight: pushing 19 pounds.

·      Her cereal with milk…rice or oatmeal cereal does the trick.
·      Guinness the dog; he makes her laugh just by walking around the apartment.
·      Standing up, pulling herself up, and getting into EVERYTHING…she is really into this {everything}.
·      New people and situations…she is really aware and into her environment.
·      Other small humans; Hanna Lu loves other babies and kids.
·      Music; she gives a little “dance” {kind of a wiggle front to back} when she hears a tune.
·      Plain yogurt; yum!
·      Her daycare provider; this is a wonderful thing because it means that someone loving is watching our child each day.

·      Her milk. This will never change, will it?
·      Laying down on her back if we’re trying to do something {productive}; change her diaper, get her dressed, take a weekly picture…

·      Not much new this month except for a few seconds of hands-free standing…yikes!

Sleep and eat:
·      Bedtime is around 6 PM and wake-up is around 6-AM. We have maybe one wake-up around 2 AM and I’m thinking that this is now just a really bad habit that we’ll plan on breaking upon return of this month’s travels.
·      Child does not love her milk; see above. Somehow her daycare provider gets her to drink it so we only have to slog through two weekend days a week of trying to get the baby to drink her milk. Hanna Lu does, however, like her baby food and her cereal. She has also tried new this month: cheese and little “Cutie” orange slices – both big hits!
·      Hanna has about three meals a day with as much milk fit in as possible.
·      She also naps several times a day for about an hour to an hour and a half each time.
·      Baby sleeps best in her little nook of a room; pitch black with her sound machine app set on “Rain”.

·      Wearing mostly 9 month sized clothing.
·      Wears size 3 diapers if not wearing her cloth diapers…she wears the cloth duds 99% of the time and does disposable only if we’re in the process of traveling. Even though they take up prime suitcase real estate we’re planning on taking the cloth diapers with us on our visits this month.
·      She is HILARIOUS to us and we’re so excited for our family to see her since it’s been a while and she has changed so much.


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