Thursday, December 4, 2014

Almost finished!

I started reading "The Goldfinch" a few weeks ago, almost.
It's really good and riveting and I've been staying up late getting further and further into the book {& I'm definitely feeling it at work during the day} because I have a time limit on this thing since I have it checked out from the library as an ebook - which is my recent favorite way to read books. Except for the whole time limit thing. I don't have another good book lined up which is a positive thing since I have a ton of grading coming up in the next two weeks although I'm number 2,334,353 on the library ebook waiting list for Amy Poehler's book and I'm looking forward to that one. 

Also, are you watching Peter Pan tonight? I watched the first part of The Sound of Music last year but never finished it and since we don't have a DVR right now it's tonight or nothing so we'll see if we can make it up that late...even though I've been staying up the same amount reading but reading is a better excuse.


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