Wednesday, February 18, 2015

11 months.

Only one more of these...though I might try to keep up with the monthly ones post birthday since I love looking back at these and it'll be easier not doing it each week, right? Anyway, here's what Hanna's up to this past month.
How old: 11 months.

Weight: about 20 pounds.

  • Food.
  • Playing.
  • Crawling.
  • The playroom in our building.
  • Guinness our dog.
  • Peering out the window while sitting on her chair.
  • The trains outside our window.
  • Her bath.
  • The push-walker toy that is in the playroom.
  • Other kids as well as her daycare provider.

·         Being placed on her back for a diaper or wardrobe change.
·         Having something taken away from her, though she gets over it pretty quickly.

·         This kid has taken about five steps on her own but has yet to really go for it…walking seems imminent.
·         Another tooth came in the past month and several others are threatening to do so as well.
·         Had her first Valentine’s Day…we didn’t do much for her; sorry baby.
·         Enjoyed several snowy days and is still experiencing some frigid cold.

Sleep and eat:
·         Sleeping is the same as last month; 10 to 12 hours a night depending on when we put her down. She might have a night where she wakes up once and we just let her put herself back to sleep, unless she gets loud and upset, which is rare.
·         Hanna expanded her palette and tried a bunch of new foods; spoon-feeding her baby food remains the quickest way to nourish this child, though.

Hanna is in 12 to 18 month sized clothing, size three disposable diapers, has one “long” row unbuttoned on her diapers and three to four rows around her waist unbuttoned…if you know the Bumgenius lingo.


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