Tuesday, February 10, 2015

47 weeks!

So for our growing girl, we have a new white onesie and a different hair bow. I was going to buy a new pack of the Carter's onesies but realized that we never put the baby in these things except for her pictures so the $10 isn't worth it in my opinion so I found a funny white tank-top onesie thing at TJ Maxx today...TJ Maxx for the win! In other news, Hanna Lucille...
Jazz hands.
  • Is still taking one or two steps at a time, unassisted. Then she realizes that she can get to her destination much quicker by crawling.
  • Loves the push-toy-thing; we "borrowed" it from our building's play room {I love that place on weekends and snow days} and have yet to return it because she's had a few sniffles and I don't want to infect the building's kiddos. We brought it home in the first place because Saturday was a day void of much stimulation for our child so I let her "walk" home from the playroom. Going down two hallways is a lot of work for a small child...
  • Really enjoys crawling up on her chair.
Big ruffly-butt climbing and exploration.
       We reconfigured her playspace, which included strategically removing some of her toys so as to  
        keep her well-stimulated {?}, because she's grown out of some of them {playmat}, and since 
       she had recently been really into poking her tiny fingers into the electrical sockets. Today we 
       also bought little things to stick in there so her fingers stay out {TJ Maxx too, incidentally}. 
       Since her chair is now below the windows and Hanna Lu loves looking out those windows this 
       is a perfect set-up. Except for how she doesn't know how to get down from the chair but I'm 
       assuming that will come with time.
  • Has a wee cold this week but seems to be OK for the most part. She's coughing a bit and sounds a tad phlegmy which we don't love but such is life.
  • Has some good family visits coming up for her birthday and Easter; almost all the grandparents!
  • Continues to adore her daycare provider and be so happy for her in the morning, but I also love that she reaches for me in the afternoon when I pick her up.
  • Shared my restaurant dinner the other night; bacon wrapped meatloaf and garlicky mashed potatoes - girl is a fan.
  • Continues to love her baby food, baby cereal, and full-fat plain yogurt.
  • Has been having a huge appetite, though with her ailment this week has been into eating a bit less.
  • Still has only those bottom two teeth, though I haven't been, ahem, bitten in several weeks. Except for one random fluke time this past weekend but I don't count that.
  • While nursing, though, has figured out how to blow raspberries against me and though it's adorable I'm not encouraging this behavior since it's supposed to be Serious Eating Time.
  • Is trying to crawl into the bathtub; we get her all ready for bath in the bathroom and she knows exactly where to go.
  • Will gladly play "chase me" in the bathtub when it's time to get out, which she so playfully started last week.
  • Continues to love opening cabinets and pulling things out of bookshelves. It's actually great to indulge her, to a certain, safe, extent, and let her get bored/lose her interest so that she isn't quite so fixated on it instead of getting frustrated at being told "no" {a mutual frustration, truth be told}.
  • Learned "Where's Hanna?" this past week, a variation on "Peek-a-boo". It's glorious and we request this game several times a day. Hanna seems to enjoy it too.
  • Is wonderful and we love her so so much...five more weeks until we wrap up these weekly updates because, as much as we can adore someone, a weekly update is quite a lot after those special first 52. Woah.
xoxo, natty ♥


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