Tuesday, February 3, 2015

46 weeks!

It's February!! This thing turns ONE next month...in six weeks actually, so let's see what she's up to today. Hanna Lucy...
  • I dare say has been in a bit of a growth spurt; she seems starved all the time and that onesie is well and truly Too Small, as are some jammies that fit just fine last week.
  • Is still standing a ton and taking maybe one step unassisted before she decides that she can crawl much faster.
  • Loves looking out the window.
  • Loves pushing the elevator buttons; our fault here for letting her do so in the first place but it's just so cute.
  • Adores her daycare provider.
  • Has been having more "food" than baby food while at home...banana, avocado, cheesy toast, yogurt, raspberries, and black beans were all on the menu this past week. She's just so dang slow with eating it all that it's easier to just spoon feed her the baby food, but I think it's good for her all around to eat the "real" stuff. She does still get and love baby rice or oatmeal cereal with milk mixed in.
  • Took a bottle which was random because it seemed a lost cause over break in December and we hadn't tried since then.
  • Really enjoys the playroom in our building as do her parents since it's a big and safe space for her to crawl around in.
  • Was in the bath until the water drained completely tonight and when I told her "it's time to get out", she crawled away from me, though she obviously couldn't get too far. 
  • Will clang two toys together.
  • Uses our hands to do things for her; she has a toy that will pop up if a button is pressed but instead of doing so herself, Hanna Lu grabs one of our hands and puts it on the button for us to press it. She will do the same with the "more" hand sign - she moves our two hands together to say "more"...maybe she'll soon figure out that she can do these things too!
xoxo, natty ♥


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