Tuesday, February 24, 2015

49 weeks!

Gah it’s cold still but the weekend after next brings Day Light Savings Time and then certainly Spring can’t be too far behind.
So, Hanna this week…
  • Has turned into a chatterbox! It’s a constant stream of sounds but she alluvasudden has three distinct words she loves: train, Guinness {our dog, not the beer}, and Dad. I love hearing this. Now, to the uneducated observer, these “words” would be sounds but we know what she’s saying and she definitely copies us when we say the actual words. There are no surprises here, obviously, considering she adores her dad, LOVES staring at the trains from her chair looking out the window, and things Guinness is hilarious. She does say “mom” and “mama” but not quite as often and usually when I’ve abandoned her in the high chair for too long.
  • Took a couple of five-ish-step-long walks on her own. One was at daycare when I picked her up and each time she takes steps on her own she has this look that she knows exactly what she’s doing, she’s just choosing to crawl most of the time because it’s faster.
  • Has some great new foods…mashed carrots, adult oatmeal {plain with frozen berries added in} eggplant/spinach/feta pizza {my fave!}, and a few other things…yum!
  • Is quite the mermaid in her baths; Hanna Lu has taken to getting on her tummy and pushing up with her hands {a la upward-facing-dog or Ariel on the rock in the Little Mermaid} and kicking her legs – it’s a good thing there are some swim lessons in her future! She will also still play along with “running” {splashing} away from me when I say it’s time to get out of the bath.
  • Hung out with some pals in town last night and adorably tried to feed their little guy {five months older than ours} some snacks the kiddos were sharing. He patiently sat there and let her. Swoon!
  • Is enjoying her toys with gusto these days; we cleared out a bunch into temporary storage to maintain less clutter and give the babe a chance to enjoy what she has and then enjoy some “new” toys later on when these lose their sheen.
  • Will be one year old quite soon; we should get on that party-planning bandwagon shouldn’t we? Though I suppose I should make a mother’s promise of never giving our March 18th baby a St. Patrick’s Day themed birthday party. She might very well have parties that just happen to be green themed since that’s what might be on sale {or even Valentine’s/pinks/red/hearts…I hadn’t even realized the timing}…have a great week folks and stay warm!


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