Tuesday, February 17, 2015

48 weeks!

I woke up this snowy morning with the sniffles Hanna is finishing off from last week so hopefully Michael misses out and we're all cold-free even if the weather is just that, cold. In other developments this week Ms.Hanna Lu...
  • Had a bunch of new food for the first time: gyros, French fries, quinoa enchilada bake, corn {off the cob}, spaghetti {a HUGE hit}, meatballs, and regular oatmeal {with frozen berries added in}...here's to getting that babe on more "human" food and having her get more efficient at eating it.
  • Watched some Curious George on the Netflix, thanks to some cabin fever which was a direct result of the crummy weather...she actually watched one whole vignette and we truly were not proud of it.
  • Continues to love climbing up onto her chair and peering out the window. 
          She especially enjoys the trains and metro that go whizzing by.
  • Gets very excited whenever someone enters a room or our apartment; she stops what she's doing, gives a huge grin, and makes some very happy sounds. This also translates to when she's nursing so she'll stop each time she hears someone or something to pop up and get a reaction.
  • Enjoys exploring the cupboard and it's a good thing we have a tiny pot for some reason because it's perfectly her size to pull out and play with.
  • Tried a piece of Guinness' dog kibble for the first time. I'm frankly very surprised we made it to almost a year. I was scurrying to get ready to get out the door today and baby was playing with the pot I just mentioned and had a pacifier in her mouth which usually keeps unwanteds out and I looked over at her to see a very funny face. She was seriously peeved with me for taking it out of her mouth. The crunchies are small enough she probably wouldn't have choked but I was still scared as heck and really guilty. 
  • Finally cut a new tooth, almost six months after the first two came out. This is one up top and there are three others around it that are threatening their appearances but if they're anything like this brand new one, it'll take a long time. She hasn't seemed to fussy regarding this development nor has there been much extra drool but you sure can see them below the surface.
  • Has been really good at playing with her toys in the toy area as opposed to trying to crawl all over the place in our home and get into all the dangerous things, minus today's doggy food incident.
  • Wore pig tails for the first time yesterday!
          So cute!
  • Continues her "tricks" of 1. where's Hanna?, 2. clap your hands, 3. how big is Hanna?, and 4. play the drums. 
  • Has taken a few solo steps but still nothing substantial and will gladly crawl to any new locale.
  • Got swaddled today. In a fit of boredom and because I saw one of her old swaddling blankets and felt inspired.
           Though dizzingly quick, it's still not difficult to believe how quickly the past year has gone by 
           and our newborn turned into the dangly legged creature above - since that's how all time seems
           to move. It's impressive, though, that we've somewhat survived almost a year...I can't even tell 
           if I'm tired anymore!

Stay warm out there folks, winter will surely soon abate.
xoxo, natty ♥


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