Thursday, June 2, 2011

June 1st

Mid-week randoms:

The weather gods continue to frown upon us here in San Jo, but I am grateful that it's not extreme and my heart feels for all those who have been affected so harshly this spring.
My attempt at gardening this year...look at their growth in a bit over a week! Tomatoes & strawbabies ☺

I found a delightful new place to stuff my face get quick food, L & L Hawaiian BBQ! I'm able to experiment since my mr is out of town and he has some strong preferences, so this was a first for me. They even have the Dole whip fro-yo, but not the pineapple juice so it's not quite a float (I think you must know the tiki-tiki room at nirvana Disneyland to get that reference). Though it was a bit salty, my dinner was delicious and I felt nostalgic for the islands while waiting for my food since they had Hawaiian music playing.

I love June. I mentioned it HERE, last June, and I'll reiterate it, this is the best month. There's the most sunlight and school's out (for summer...forever...) and it should be warming up. Oh well, 2 out of 3 ain't bad. 

In an effort to really appreciate June, and July and August, for that matter, I'm thinking of a few things. On some random blog I read the author's thoughts on how June has always been a time of renewal for her rather than January. It made perfect sense, since for our formative years we are on a school schedule and when June rolls around, it is a time of change. The school year finishes, we are able to do things that we can't necessarily do on an academic schedule and there seems to be a bit more freedom all around.

As a teacher, I'm lucky since I've never not had this schedule. I always feel slightly energized thinking about how I can make next school year better and how I can start over again and not do the things that I wish I hadn't this school year. I love that sense of renewal but had never quite placed those feelings together with this time of year. 

In that vein, I can be a bit more deliberate about my "resolutions" this year, or rather, the things I want to do now that my life is more open than even just a week ago (although as I write this, my grading is still not quite over...). I'd like to be more available to life around me so I'm going to try to limit my internet time to an hour a day. I chose an hour arbitrarily. 

I'm using my phone stopwatch and so far today have clocked 37 minutes. This isn't necessarily one hour of screen time, so I can still write in a word processor and work stuff won't count, neither will serious wedding planning that involves a computer. Not-serious wedding planning would be the likes of trolling looking at things I don't need to look at, serious would be looking at prices for our rentals, etc.. I've recently thought about how much time I can easily spend looking up various things or reading odds and ends articles and it's keeping me from what's around me. I still want to continue blogging, that's another thing that I'd like to commit to this summer, but blogging doesn't translate to useless internet time.

I also have wedding stuff up the wazoo to attend to. We're going down a somewhat do-it-yourself route which is great and feels cheaper and is definitely more personal, but time consuming for certain...though it is a labor of love ♥. Fabric bunting, invitations, centerpieces and more await me.

Reading is something else I need to attend to. Since living with mr m, I find I use my spare time to do things together with him rather than read. It's great since we get to be together, but I miss being absorbed in a book or even a magazine; and fyi, I lean heavily towards the fiction genre ☺.

There's more, plenty more, that I want to do this summer, but I only have 12 minutes and 10 seconds left to be online so I'll leave it as this: I want to savor these light filled months and enjoy my time together with my husband to be before we tie our knot...and sleep in a lot!

xoxo, natty ♥


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