Tuesday, July 22, 2014

18 weeks.

Another week flew by so let's see what this baby is up to.
  • Seems longer in the past few days; several outfits were found to be a bit short on her which confirms this.
    After a bit of fussing on her own, our dear child slept ten hours. The prior record was a random six once when she was much smaller. She did wake once to eat but I don't count it. Her naps today have been nowhere near as successful but we're ever hopeful {naive?}.
  • Has a nice little bedtime routine: bath, story, bottle, {or "bottle, story"} {though she doesn't always finish eating - when she's tired she can be a fussy eater [?]}, bed. 
  • Rolled over from her back to her tummy all alone {just right now, actually} but she had been reclining on a pillow so I'm not sure if it is valid.
  • Seems to have a bit more hair {goldeny-brown} alluvasudden; but not long enough for clips yet!
  • Is still taking a pacifier {as of last week}.
  • Loves watching us eat.
  • Is drooling a ton...though I think it's just baby drooling and not teething drooling.
  • Is very interested in Guinness {the dog...though she did visit her first brewery last week} and loves feeling his fur.
  • Is very aware of the other little ones at any group setting.
  • Is so very adorable.
xoxo, natty ♥


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