Monday, July 28, 2014


Today was spent in and around our apartment...the furthest out we ventured was .66 miles {according to the Google} of a mile to Whole Foods for something that I can't get at Giant {like Safeway} which is only .33 of a mile away.


1. I get to see Fencey this weekend; yippee!!

2. I made THIS salad again tonight; IT IS SO GOOD. Though I skip the brewer's yeast and just use regular old Parmesan. We still feel virtuous in eating an actual kale salad and it's double brownie points since we actually enjoy it.

3. I've kind of gotten back into a book-reading groove. I didn't believe it could happen and it still astounds me that I've read two or three so far this summer.

4. Since I go back to work next month I'm really enjoying these last few weeks of stay-at-home-mom syndrome and part of that is a new mom's group I go to on Wednesdays. It's seriously just an hour and a half of sitting on the floor with babies but oh goodness it's wonderful to get out and be understood/commiserate.

5. I think Mikey and I are ready to break into a bottle of wine that we'd been saving for when we fully move out of our old apartment. Though we could challenge ourselves to not open it until we fully move in to this new place. I'm sure it would become a vintage by then.

What's new for you this week Reader?
xoxo, natty ♥


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