Tuesday, January 13, 2015

43 weeks!

Another cold week brings baby to 43 weeks old! And...
  • Is being hilarious, giggling and making goofy sounds, and mimicking things we do.
  • Has stopped with her tricks; clapping, drum playing, and showing us how big she is. Maybe she's on to bigger and better abilities.
  • Is standing on her own but has yet to take a step, though she looks like she's thinking about it and then decides to just sit and crawl to wherever she'd like to go...clever baby!
  • Has had her first...
         pony tail!!!
  • Likes her food, though she realized how to spit it out which is messy and not fun.
  • Tried ground beef for the first time tonight; I had to teach her how to eat it instead of just playing with it and hiding it under her legs {?} in her high chair but then it was a hit. This is good for her iron need.
  • Enjoys the kids' playroom in our building but maybe not as much as her parents do since it's a place where there aren't any bookshelves for her to climb, dog food to eat, or any of the other hazards that our home present to her.
  • Loves trying to poke and scratch our eyes so it's good she has her doll on which to practice these skills.
  • Doesn't like her multi-vitamin/iron drops...I don't blame her because that stuff is GROSS.
  • Loves throwing things down on the floor. We don't so we don't pick it up more than once for her.
  • Likes to "drive" her stroller...
         though her aim isn't that great and she points us towards the wall. {I'm   
         holding her, obviously}.
  • Likes her bath and tries each night to stand up in the water. We gently tell her that "we don't stand in our bath".
  • Really likes her stacking cups and will crawl around with one in/on each hand, making a clomping sound as she moves through our apartment.
  • Loves Guinness the dog still.
  • Makes the sound "ddddeh" for many things, including the dog.
  • Possible has her first word? I show her a picture of my grandmother's dog Ze Ze and Hanna Lu makes a "zeeeee" type of sound; she knows what she's doing!? She laughs at the dog first of course because she adores animals.
  • Will not lay on her back as you can see from Michael holding her down in this week's picture; she wants to roll over onto her hands and knees instantly.
  • Is amazing and we love this baby!


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