Tuesday, January 20, 2015

44 weeks!

After a wonderful weekend in Arizona, we are all dealing with some illness, which is Sad. So let’s think about good baby things!
  • Hanna Lu enjoyed her biggest party ever this past weekend and went hard...with no chance of her sleeping like she normally does, we just let her go with it and she ended up dozing in the arms of a guest…and slept through until morning!
  • Is battling her first stomach bug, pretty well at that. We’ve gotten her down to just milk and pedialyte and she seemed to be fine after Sunday, besides a few challenging diapers, but just tonight she yakked all over me sooooooo…we’re waiting to get the bug ourselves, to be honest, which makes this kind of a yucky week but hopefully it won’t last long.
  • Ate a pickle spear at the party this weekend, which we thought caused the tummy issues, but we realized that wasn’t the case. She certainly loved that pickle.
  • Is all over our apartment – we decided this week that we need to get serious about baby-proofing this place.
On the go!
  • Is so much fun and we really hope she feels better soon.


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