Tuesday, January 27, 2015

45 weeks!

We are battling illness still, though hopefully this is its final gasp until some better-feeling days and now in baby news...Hanna Lucy:
  • Has become super clingy with me. She cries if her dad tries to take her and we both know this is normal/natural/whatever and Michael isn't taking it personal but, forgive me, it's kind of annoying...but also nice to have someone seem to think I'm just that great.
  • TOOK THREE STEPS THIS MORNING! What I mean is that she moved one foot forward, then the other, and, thirdly, the other one again...so cute! She still knows that she can get places faster by crawling but this is great.
  • Has been suffering cabin fever along with her parents. Today's snow day was great because I didn't have to wear business/teacher/casual but it also meant another whole day corralling the baby. She really wants to explore all she can and there's not much beyond her play area in our apartment that is safe for her to explore so it turns in to us telling her she can't do what/go where she wants which is not fun for anyone. We've taken to going up to the building's playroom which is awesome because she can crawl and cruise around to her heart's content and there's no dog food or heavy stuff ready to hurt her. This morning I took her to library story hour and now she's old enough to play with the toys that they have for after the stories/singing and that was a great half-hour. I honestly thing that the reason things have felt so difficult/tiresome recently is that I was home sick several days last week and then there was the weekend plus neither parent is feeling particularly energetic these days. Normally we're not stuck in the apartment for so many days/hours and we're all a bit more fresh so hopefully things will feel better. Today was actually great, even though right after I read the school-closure announcement this morning I felt dread at a whole day of entertaining a very mobile baby while still not feeling 100%. The funny thing? I really look forward to time with her {duh} but maybe it all boils down to being a sick parent inside for so long is not fun. End of a really long point.
  • Is very hungry these days, probably because we kept her strictly on milk and thin oatmeal while she was recovering from her tummy bug.
  • Infected many people with said tummy bug.
  • Is now obsessed with looking out our window. We will hold her up to see the snow {which has happened four or five times so far...in her life here in this apartment} and we can also see down onto the train/metro tracks and a big swatch of the city where we live {we're on the 14th floor}. This gets tiring, though, because the window sill is several feet up from the floor and we obviously have to {patiently} hold her up there. In the past few days it's become the only other thing, seemingly, that she wants to do besides explore kitchen cabinets...
  • I thought it would be nice to let her get into a cabinet with a few things {a pot, a pan, a big pasta serving spoon [the kind with the prongs]...} and I created a monster because she only wants to do that {besides be held up to the window} and there's just not enough kitchen space to fully empty the cabinets of all the other cookware {that's too heavy for her anyway} and  in order to give her free reign of the cabinet, not to mention even if there were void of all heavy things she would still be slamming her fingers because she doesn't know how to carefully open/shut the doors yet. Serious baby-proofing is imminent. 
  • Signed "more" to me this morning. Then hasn't done it since.
Hey baby - let's stay healthy please?!?!? And, we love you TONS, even though you're tiring.
xoxo, natty ♥


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