Sunday, January 18, 2015

Ten months.

We're having a great time in Arizona for a short little trip to surprise Hanna's grandparents so let's also check out her stats...
How old: ten months {we’re almost at being able to just use numbers!}

Weight: nearing 20 pounds or so.

  • Baby food…spinach and potato are a fave.
  • Her milk, mixed with baby cereal, and spoon-fed to her.
  • Guinness the dog and any other animal; she laughs at them.
  • “Cruising” around {walking while holding on to anything and everything}, though she gets herself down to crawl when she decides she can’t walk.
  • Poking at eyes; on her doll and her parents.
  • Crawling all over our apartment and trying to get into things that would hurt her.
  • Her family; Hanna Lu loved being with her grandparents and the rest of her family members over break and it was very sad leaving.

Being sick…someone seemed to have a bit of an upset tummy this morning and she was not a happy camper {neither are her parents}. Hopefully this passes quickly as in before we get on an airplane tomorrow afternoon.

We are sooooooo close to taking a step on our own but haven’t made it their yet…a few more airplane flights and her very first Christmas and New Year’s…and meeting lots of people and even going to her first holiday party.

Sleep and eat:
Sleep and eat are about the same as last month…she goes down between 6 and 7 {I’d like it to be more like between 5 and 6 but she’s still getting over our trip} and gives us ten to 12 hours. She had been waking up once and after getting back from traveling we decided to let her just fuss herself back to sleep and it had been great…but then we came to Arizona this weekend so we anticipate some re-adjustment but hopefully things will be good after another week or two.
Baby also tried her first taste of burger, albeit crumbled up, and she enjoyed it; this was spurred on by her low-ish iron count at her nine-month appointment.

Baby is wearing size 3 disposable diapers but that doesn’t happen too often, she’s mostly in her cloth diapers which are on the shortest set of buttons with four sets left unbuttoned around the waist, if that makes sense.


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