Tuesday, November 4, 2014

33 weeks!

It's November; next month we get to visit California and Arizona families and we're so happy about that! What else...
Wouldn't lay back for her picture. And I think that onesie is way too small, I just don't feel like fishing out a bigger one.

  • Baby is still battling a bit of something, appetite isn't fabulous, sleep could be a bit better, etc....is this our new normal considering the nature of illnesses spread amongst small children in daycare and within families or will things look up soon?
  • We officially have a waver; Hanna loves waving. I even think she makes a "ahhh" sound to mean "hi" because she only does it when waving but Michael isn't entertaining that thought.
  • Tried some actual pureed baby food this week and loved it; I bought it on a whim and since it was successful I might make a few batches in order to use up some of the milk I have stored considering Hanna Lu doesn't drink as much as I can make for her.
  • Hanna loves puffs; they're cheerios but made out of rice flour and she's had a "green" flavor and just had the sweet potato ones tonight. It's wonderful to see her little pincer grasp get the practice and she's so sweet because she does this whole body wave of excitement when she sees the container.
  • Enjoys water in her sippy cup.
  • Had her second visit to the pumpkin patch and didn't make a peep the entire time. It was also her first experience with being cold and totally bundled up and I think that had something to do with it.
  • Is loving on Guinness the dog in a big way. He can elicit giggles just by trotting past her. We don't let her get a hold of him too often because hers is not a gentl grasp but we do let G-man give the baby face kisses which he gets really into and Hanna loves. I'm still super cautious about him around Hanna even though he's given us no reason to think otherwise, I just know that deep down he's still a dog so we keep a pretty hawkish eye on the two of them.
  • Is crawling into everything; is very curious about our bookshelf.
  • As of last Wednesday afternoon, can pull herself up! She did it at daycare and at home can do it really well on the couch and in her crib, though with gripping and how slippery our floors are for her, HL can't quite get it done on the floor in our living area.
  • We're loving on this little girl so much and are looking forward to the holidays with her!

xoxo, natty ♥


Rebecca said...

LOVE that she is waving!! and pulling herself up!

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